Aida Shoreditch Edit part 2, London

Welcome to part 2 of my Edit with Aida Shoreditch! I'm so excited to share this with you again. This look is more of a nod to Tomboy style, minimal colour and leather shorts, I mean, there isn't much more I could do to make this more androgynous.

We made another short video that we've popped up over on Twitter @lindseydholland and Instagram @ropesofholland. Rowan (AKA super babe stylist and DJ) and I wandered out into another part of Shoreditch to shoot this look and we had so much fun hanging out and finding new places to make it all flow beautifully. I know I said this last time but I really do feel so lucky to have this relationship with Aida and the team, I reflect on it  so much more when I'm writing about it too. Look at me, getting all emotional!

I really love this look, the laid back, loose fitting top into mixed textures is just too good. This top is one of my absolute favourites too, the high neck and drop arm holes do wonders for my podgy bits at the side of my boobs…side boob?
Unfortunately for you guys, it's sold out, BUT….we made you an edit so you can still shop the black one and create this look yourself.

Go for it! Aida Shoreditch Edit part 2

I hope you have loved part 2, and part 3 is coming your way this weekend!
Have an amazing Wednesday, you made it halfway.

Aida Shoreditch Edit part 1, London

If there are two things I love about having this online platform where I can share with you what I love…it's a good old three part edit and Aida Shoreditch. I couldn't tell you just how special Aida are to me, they've been with me from the beginning of my journey with Ropes of Holland and they do nothing but shower me with support and love. Our latest project is based upon my style, and how to do 'Tomboy' in the Summer. As I write this, it's 31 degrees, and that's just inside my flat, so if you thought it was time to pop your Summer threads away, just hold your horses.

The first look is something my wonderful friend and stylist Rowan pulled for me for our edit. At first I was like, IT'S GREEN. I put it on and absolutely fell in love with it. The fit and cut of it make it more in line with my masculine/tomboy style, but then there's this slight wink at being slightly girly because of the floral print. I love this co-ord so much, and the pieces can be split and worn easily throughout the Summer too. You can shop the green goodness here and here (and they're in the sale). I'm a little taken with these amazing off white Veja trainers too, I love the heel detail and they are super comfy. The jewellery I'm wearing is by a really cool London based designer, Matthew Calvin, and you can shop the pieces online at Aida here or pop in and have a try on.

We hung out in Shoreditch, the home of Aida, to shoot this look and…we also made a short film which you can catch on my Instagram @ropesofholland and over on Aida's too @aidashoreditch. I always feel so proud of the work we do together, it's such a wonderful relationship and I feel very lucky indeed to have such incredible people invest in me. It's rare to capture such a great relationship with the way this job works, so I'll be hanging onto it!

I absolutely cannot wait to show you the next two looks either, both complete with a short film!

Thank you so much for reading and please, if you're a Londoner, visit Aida, they are amazing and do GREAT coffee/cakes too.


Dining at 197 Chiswick Fire Station, London

On Thursday evening I was very lucky to be invited to dine at 197 Chiswick Fire Station. I took my Northern pal Lizzy from and we had THE most gorgeous meal in the perfect setting. It's not often that I'd dedicate a blog post to one restaurant….but honestly it's worthy. Whether it's a special occasion or not, the price point is so great that you could go 'just because' but then, it also feels really special too.

We ordered pineapple moijtos to start, naturally. Then we shared around 5 dishes, which was plenty and we struggled to finish them towards the end! Well I didn't….
The menu is great because it gives you the option to go all in on sharing plates, or tuck into your own main. I'm REALLY into my food, so I wanted to try as much as I could possibly manage. I succeeded! Lizzy bowed out before me, which meant I got the last crab and lime crostini, brilliant.

So now, head there, have a beautiful cocktail and more amazing food than you can shake a stick at (I've never understood that saying, but here we are).

Thanks so much for reading and do let me know if you head there! Have a great week.

Basics: Cos x La Redoute

This was Friday last week. It absolutely tipped it down and I was trying to navigate through a pretty decadent hangover. It was one of those nights that wasn't supposed to be a big night….well, lets just say La Redoute throw wonderful events! We had so much fun and I got to catch up with some really good girls.

I had the Northern dream that is Lizzy from come to stay with me on the Thursday, so I could potentially hold her responsible for my hangover, but really, I only have myself to blame. I always love spending time with Lizzy, she's a diamond. She's such a sunny person and I'm always in love with the way she puts her clothes together (who isn't?). I said this to her, it's so good to see good people doing well in this industry. If you don't know Lizzy, pop over and say hello!

In our tired daze, we popped out to breakfast at Farm Girl to feast on some eggs….Lizzy had a wildcard granola….each to their own!

You know me, I love my basics. So this is pretty much a uniform for me, with some slight deviation….If I could give you some advice on leather jackets, it would be to invest in a solid biker style jacket. They're never not cool. This one from La Redoute (which is wildly underrated…) is THE best one I have ever owned. It's getting on for 18 months old and it's wearing beautifully. AND there's 30% off, so be quick! The grey t-shirt dress is by COS and I love how simple it is, it's beautifully made and fits like a dream Well, it did pre carb loading on holiday with my dad...

You can shop my look below:
 Zara Straight cut jeans
La Redoute Black leather biker - 30% off with code BANKHOL
Gucci Princetown loafers in gold
COS grey t-shirt dress
Manu Atelier Pristine mini leather shoulder bag

I hope you've got a gorgeous week ahead. I'm off to Pairs this weekend! So expect some wonderfully Parisian street style upon my return. You can catch up with me on my Instagram @ropesofholland too.


Slip dress dreams

Thank goodness Moeez from Comb is back in London with his camera! We headed out by St Paul's cathedral to shoot this look.... In fact I think this is the Bank of England, which is ironic because I'm the worlds worst with money. Truth.

I have been crushing all over this slip dress lately, it's so easy to wear and still super simple and Scandi, just the way I like it. It's by & other stories and they do it in black too.  I do love a weekly trip to Stories, just to keep up with the new in, they always do killer pieces that are priced reasonably well. I've worn this dress on holiday on its own with a chunky sandal, at a festival with a chunk jumper and boots and now with a t-shirt underneath and Stans. See? So versatile.

My biker is by La Redoute and I've had it for around 18 months. Honestly, it's the best leather biker I've ever had. It wears beautifully and has softened so well. Super value for money. 

I love this layered look, it makes something simple look interesting and I feel right at home. 

You can shop my look below:

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you had the best weekend. I've been to Ireland on the back of my dads motorbike, it's safe to say I'm saddle sore!

Wilderness Festival with Bicester Village

Top: Topshop boutique, Shorts: Levi's, Shoes: Marni at Bicester Village, Sunglasses: Celine at Bicester Village
Top: Sandro at Bicester Village, Skirt: ASOS, Sunglasses: Celine, Bag: Manu Atelier, Shoes: Converse
Dress: Sandro at Bicester Village Sunglasses: Celine at Bicester Village
This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to experience Wilderness Festival for the first time, in collaboration with Bicester Village. Trying to decide what to wear for each day of a festival can be tricky business, but when you've got somewhere like Bicester Village to go at, everything will be A-okay!

I had quite a successful trip to Bicester to find my outfits. I came home with a fine knit cami dress and a chunky lace up front top both from Sandro, some incredible black and gold sandals from Marni, a real man repelling shoe- ask me if I care! and the best Celine sunglasses I've ever come across.

We started our trip by checking into the Malmaison in Oxford, a really beautiful setting just 40 minutes outside of the festival. Thank goodness for comfortable beds!
Excited and ready for our first night, we headed to a press dinner at the festival which was a banquet hosted by Skye Gyngell of Spring in London, a beautiful three course menu set up in a gorgeous tent decked out with plenty of blooms and whimsical acessories. We spent the rest of the night dancing in The Valley and having so much fun! Festivals always bring out the best in people, I feel, there's this vibe of being carefree and I don't know about you but it's one of the chances I get to really let my hair down, I guess it's kind of like a holiday. You're away from work and the responsibility of day-to-day life, so I always adore going.

Day 2 began with a full English breakfast, as standard I think! and we headed in to explore for a full day and night. There is honestly so much to do and see at Wilderness. Including the lake….everyone was in the lake! I think it reached temperatures of around 26 degrees and it felt quite hot, I just wished I'd remembered my bikini. We popped along to a talk by Pukka herbs which discussed personality types and how some traits can be calmed and managed with different herbs and I came away with tea that calms a fiery worrier! Brilliant! There was a whole area dedicated to wellness; including yoga, massage and nutrition.
We also went along to the Deliciously Ella x Mae Deli pop up and later to her newest collaboration with Neal's Yard, which was hosted in the most incredible flower garden.
There's always time for champagne, right? So we made sure we had a pit stop at the Laurent-Perrier tent, fully equipped with pastel pink deck chairs overlooking the lake.
Food was high up on our priority list so we delved into a couple of post of Mac n Cheese, very, very willingly! The sheer volume of food trucks there was incredible, we were absolutely spoiled for choice.

Thankfully, in between our busy day of exploring I got to see Tourist play, who I adore, and that pretty much made my day.
We ended the night in The Valley again, which was one of the coolest set ups for a dance night ever. Slap bang in the middle of a valley, neon signs everywhere and filled with people who were dancing their socks off. and generally very happy to be there.

Wilderness was incredible and I cannot thank Bicester Village enough for having me.

I hope I've inspired you to head along next year! In the mean time, you're probably due a Bicester Village trip, right?
Thank you so much for reading.
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