19 Oct 2014

Blogger Love

Lizzie from Shot From The Street. Not only is her blog full of beautifully tailored pieces and stunning photography, she's one of the loveliest people I've ever met. I lust after her outfits and always take tailoring inspo from her.
 Charissa from CharissaRae. Charissa is one of those girls that could make a bin bag look cool. No seriously...her style is incredible and I love her Instagram! This one is also a lovely one beyond the blog. Although I did think she was a Geordie at first...she's not! She's from Sunderland :)
Caroline from Burkatron. Well, Caroline's blog is all kinds of beautiful and a firm favourite of mine. It's got everything I love rolled into one stunning space. It's a lovely read and aesthetically incredible. I suggest you check her out.

I wanted to share with you the blogs that I just can't stop reading. I love this kind of post because this is what brings us all together in the blogging community. Spread the love.

Who are your favourites?

Have a lovely Sunday and thank you for reading

18 Oct 2014

Giveaway: Celine Sunglasses

 Hi loves! I just wanted say a big thank you for your support with my blog and Instagram. So here, you can win your very own pair of Celine rainbow sunglasses. I am in love with them but you guys should get to enjoy them too!

The winner will be announced via email next Saturday so check your junk too.

Happy Saturday!
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16 Oct 2014

Grey and Black

Firstly, I'd like to say the biggest thank you for all your support from my last post- you all really are amazing and helped me so much.

Onto the threads...cosy and casual are the order of today's post and I am loving it! Especially now the weather is pretty God awful. I saw these incredible knit flares with splits in in Zara at the weekend and I couldn't leave without them. They are so amazing! Super soft and super long for my long legs. I threw on Dave's black COS jumper and my trusty Superstars for a proper relaxed Sunday outfit. I love how basic and clean looking this outfit is. Who knew I could be anymore Tomboy!

Shop my look:

I hope you're ready for Friday tomorrow and have had a lovely week.


13 Oct 2014

I can't shake this feeling

Images c/o Pintrest
Congratulations, you survived Monday. The gruelling grind of a Monday is something we all battle with on a weekly basis, if you hate your job, that is. I don't usually write about 'feelings' on my blog because I am sure that every one of you has or has had problems at some point in your life so you don't necessarily want to read about mine! But here it goes.
 I don't know if you know, but I am a Physiotherapist and work within the NHS. Last week was rotation week, the week where once every six months, we have the rug pulled from underneath us and are shipped onto another area of Physiotherapy. Well, to say things have deteriorated somewhat is putting it lightly. I am working in a brand new area, of which I don't know much about, and my patients are very poorly, and I'm finding it all pretty tough. I have such a happy life, I enjoy every aspect of it and really cherish my time spent with family and friends. However, this last week has really brought me down lower than I've ever felt making my time away from work full up with worry about work. Most of you will have experienced some level of anxiety, whether it's right before an exam or just in general, you're a little bit jittery, so you will know the symptoms:
Knots in your stomach
Too nauseous to eat
It feels like a baby elephant is sitting on your chest
You cry (a lot)
You can't sleep
and then crash, bang, wallop, you're having a full on anxiety attack. This is what happens when you are struggling to put 'mind over matter'. 
No matter how many people tell me 'it's only six months' the very thought of having to spend my time working on this ward is making me want to vomit. You might think that this sounds pretty dramatic, but it's real and relative for me. I love being a Physiotherapist and I'm trying my hardest to battle through.

*Tips and tricks for anxiety that I've picked up along the way-
Chamomile tea- Honestly, as unpleasant as it is to begin with, I can promise you have it will help to calm you down. 
Positive thoughts- Having something to look forward to after work is what helps me during my day, lately it's been coming home to David, getting out of my uniform and into something I feel like myself in and heading out for a mid week drink.
Talk about it- Here I am rambling on about my daft thoughts and it really does help. You'll also find that you are absolutely NOT alone.
Chill the hell out- Have the longest, loveliest soak with a book in the bath and make sure you fill it with lovely smelling bubbles too.
Exercise- I wouldn't be half as crazy as I feel at the moment if I could find the energy to go to the gym for a little session to blow off some steam. It's always helped me in the past.
Cut out the 3 C's- Chocolate, Caffeine & Crap. These things will keep you on edge, so ditch them all and try to replace them with nuts and seeds. 

Sorry for the rambling and I hope someone somewhere might find these tips useful. Please do comment if you've been affected or are affected by anxiety and I will reply :)
Thanks so much for reading.