31 Oct 2014

Adidas Spezial Exhibition

This week I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Adidas x SPEZIAL exhibition in Manchester. To say I've become fond of trainers would be putting it lightly. Adidas are my absolute favourite and for me, beat Nike every time. I've always felt such a lovely nostalgia about Adidas and I hope it will continue well into the eightieth century of my life!
The exhibition housed 650 pair of rare, vintage, deadstock, re-issues and collaboration styles. Including an amazing pair of Stans signed by the one and only Kate Moss. Curated by Gary Aspden to accompany an incredible documentary that features some absolute gems from the past that were preserved by a true character. 

Watch the little clip above, it's so interesting and I love it more because their all PROPER Northern. 

You can catch the exhibition on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter until Sunday 2nd November, and entry is free.

Have a great weekend. If ever there were a time for trainers, it's the weekend.
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26 Oct 2014

Camel and Fur

Missguided are topping the coat charts with this incredible camel number and I can't get enough of it. I headed out into Manchester this weekend with a very good friend who kindly took my pictures for me, her nickname is 'Beavs' and she's the best. Let's face it, it's freezing, windy and all around grim outside. I hate dark mornings and I hate dark nights. I basically hate winter. The only thing that takes the edge off it is the new wardrobe I can create! I popped into Zara last week and found my favourite jumper EVER, this little number has a fur trim and is kind of gorilla like, but, I love it. Oh and not forgetting my new absolute fave trainers, black Stan Smiths, it's actual love and they are the comfiest things ever. This is what happens when your best mate works for Adidas and instills 'Adi love' in everything I do! 

What are your staples this Winter?

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25 Oct 2014

Interior love

Interior love
This week I moved back to my parents house and took on the challenge of redesigning my bedroom. All I can say is thank GOD for Pintrest. I created my very own board spilling with colour schemes and texture to get everything just perfect. This is how my room is going to look so far- I've been shopping and got all of the interior stuff and as I type, dad is painting white and soft grey walls. I love interior design so I'm really excited to be able to do this! 

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23 Oct 2014

Cats Brothers

During London Fashion Week I came across a super exciting brand, Cats Brothers. All handmade, the prints and quality of the pieces are second to none. I hope we see this brand a little more now....I spoke to the designer who was heading to Paris Fashion Week shortly after so I hope they generated some amazing interest! I am crazy in love with the chattering teeth print.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing week.