26 Apr 2015

Olympus pen generation x MT Washi tape

 Just look at how beautiful this camera is! if I could use the heart eyes emoji right now, I would. Not only is it pretty but it's once of the best camera's I have ever used. It's easy (very selfie friendly!) and lets you shoot in various filters...so no need to run your photo's through Instagram! One of the things I love the most about the Olympus Pen is that it has wi-fi built in and....there's an app for smart phones that lets you download your images straight to your phone! Absolutely winning. I thought I'd show off one of the cool filters by shooting my work-in-progress art wall at home.
See that tape? well it's saving my picture hanging life one strip at a time! The incredible team over at RKM Communications kindly whizzed me some MT Washi Tape over to try out, and it's very safe to say I'm hooked on the stuff. It's made from Japanese rice paper and is such a gorgeous alternative to usual boring tape. I've used it to wrap presents, create my wall collage, and I've even got some stuck on the back of my iPhone cover in the shape of a heart! The uses are pretty endless and I'm just so glad I've got a good ten rolls to get through!Buy yours here MT Washi

I hope you're having the most lovely Sunday! Thanks so much for reading.

25 Apr 2015

Weekend uniform

Happy flipping Saturday you lot! I hope you've got some gorgeous weekend plans ahead. I just waved off one of my best mates who came down to stay from the North, we are both less than fresh today! I'm now waiting for my mama and brother to arrive so I can show them my new London life! I haven't seen them for six weeks! Mental.

I seem to have adopted a pretty chilled 'uniform' for weekends recently (today I'll dress up a little because we're going to take my mama to somewhere fancy schmancy) I love throwing on casual comfortable threads- especially as over the weekend I tend to explore an awful lot! Although Summer is on the horizon, I'm still working with my predominantly black/minimal wardrobe. I wonder if that will change once it's super warm out....maybe I'll go wild and move from black to grey.

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Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading.

18 Apr 2015

70's feels

Oh hai Sunday! I do love me a Sunday! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I've had such a lovely weekend....filled with best mates, amazing food and lie-ins. The dream!

This outfit is one of my fast faves at the moment, and since the sun is out, so are my pins! Even if they are glaringly white. I love a 70's inspired outfit, whilst trying to stay true to my style...so keeping it simple is the easiest way to still be you whilst styling up some subtle 70's vibes.

Here I chucked my new Cheap Monday boots on, minimal, killer heel and chunky to tone the 70's down. Denim skirts are RIFE. And rightly so, they look incredible and are really easy to use in the 70's trend. This top is one I keep on wearing, I should probably give it a wash to be honest! I love the shape and obviously, it's a statement piece for getting the 70's trend down to a T.

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Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful week.

16 Apr 2015

Fashion Chick x Topshop

Happy flipping Thursday! Just one more day to go before weekend freedom arrives. I hope you're all having a fabulous week!

So how do you feel about this dress? Pretty special isn't it! Girly...but not too girly. Pink, but a appropriate amount of pink/nude. I got this little beauty c/o Topshop at the Fashion Chick UK Blogger network launch dinner last week and I have worn it at every single possible occasion

Night out-check 

It's one of those pieces that really is so wearable. Even for me, who isn't an advocate of dresses, usually. The beautiful pastel note brings us right into Summer but for colder days, allows you to throw on an oversized t-shirt underneath. Parfait! 

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