30 Jun 2015

Aida Shoreditch Editorial Shoot 1

I’ve been at it again. Collaborating my socks off with wonderfully talented people. This time, a Northern freelance stylist who works at Aida Shoreditch and Northern Photographer who is, well, pretty awesome. Notice we’re all Northern, wonderful!

Aida Shoreditch is an incredible hub of inspiration and collaboration. They bring the industries creatives together to create amazing projects.

The amazing stylist, Rowan, got in touch with a beautiful Editorial idea to shoot for the store, and I practically leapt out of my chair. I adore Aida and Rowan, who I have been in touch with as an online pal for a good while now, I love those types of friendships, the ones that blossom over Social Media. Turns out we’re pretty flipping similar. Rowan organised everything, and picked out so many pieces I almost fainted in front of the rail,  I had to make her choose the pieces 1. Because I trusted her and 2. Because I was spoiled for choice!

The photogpaher, Ben of Ben Peter Catchpole had his work cut out when we were playing dress up and choosing the pieces like excited little girls, he retired to the seating area for a coffee. Good plan. The vibe of the shoot was just incredible, all of us knew what we’d like to achieve, we were so in sync and relaxed that we just sauntered through East London catching the light as the sun set, capturing natural moments. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever collaborated on and I am so proud of what we produced. I hope you love it too!

PER-LEASE head in store or online to Aida, it’s such an incredible store and they have a little cafĂ© at the front so you can chill out after you shop! Shop Aida Shoreditch

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you loved the shots!

27 Jun 2015

Privet Body London

Never have I ever had a treatment that sent me off on an actual cloud above my body before. Okay, so that didn't literally happen, but I am telling you, the 'Burnt the Candle at Both Ends' massage at Privet Body in Notting Hill transformed my stressed out, achy and lack-of-sparkle body into one I recognised, only better. My therapist was the sweetest woman, she was warm, welcoming and actually took an interest in me and my life (I don't know why that mattered, but it really did on this particular day). The entire therapy clinic was beautiful and had such a chilled out vibe that I was instantly relaxed.
I was taken into a stunning garden themed room which was dim, moody, smelt beautiful and had the most relaxing of music sailing around the room. The bed, oh the bed...massage beds can be somewhat uncomfortable, and when you're trying to will yourself to relax and be comfortable it can be very difficult. This bed was incredible, I full on melted into it! I'm quite confident I had drooled on it too. Apologies!

If there's one thing you treat yourself to this month, make it this. You won't regret it and you'll have one hell of a good nights sleep afterwards.

Check out Privet Body to book online.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you pay Privet Body a visit very soon!


25 Jun 2015

As Seen On Me with ASOS

Happy happy Thursday you lot!
I hope you've had an amazing week so far, thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow! 

Little life update:
So it turns out, as much as I adore and continue to adore ASOS, working there wasn't for me. I'm designed to 'help people' and not sit behind a desk all day, and although I met some amazing people at ASOS, I decided to return to being a Physiotherapist and I've just had the best news ever.... I got a Physiotherapy manager job today. I'm beyond excited and I can't wait to start! Those of you who live in London will know that there aren't many commutes under 40 minutes knocking around, well mine is 30 minutes, and I am so happy- it's the little things!

Anyway, here I am in my head to toe ASOS look for As Seen On Me. For those of you who haven't managed to use the new uploader tool yet...go! It's fab and you get the chance to see your mug on the gallery! As Seen On Me Uploader

You can shop my look on ASOS below:

Thank you so much for reading and have a great rest of the week!

15 Jun 2015

Up In Lights

Oh hey Wednesday! 
Can we just take a second to appreciate these incredible initial lights? Talk about seeing your 'name in lights'. The wonderful team over at Up In Lights were kind enough to send me my very own light initials. I absolutely love them! Surely this counts as minor celebrity status in my own home right? They are even wall mountable! Amazing!

I suggest that you too, probably need these in your life. Head over to their Instagram to check them out @weareupinlights

Thanks so much for reading and have a gorgeous day!