25 Nov 2014

Fur Friends

 Sorry for my little hiatus, I've worked the last seven days straight, and to say I was feeling exhausted would be putting it lightly. 
Fur is fast becoming my best friend. Warm, furry and cuddly, everything I want from the puppy my dad won't let me have! So Missguided have pretty much made my week with this little baby. I spent the day with some of my extended little family (ages under 4!) and Luisa of A Stylish Something so I popped on some comfortable layers in view of getting very sweaty at a soft play area. The boots, oh, the boots, are just incredible. They are from Ark clothing and I've worn them religiously because they are a mega staple piece. Pointy, suede and black boots make for the essential in any Winter wardrobe update. I also had my hair done this week....it's all short! I love it though, I feel like my inner Tomboy is on the loose more than ever now. 

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I hope you're all having a great week.
Thank you so much for reading.

20 Nov 2014

Reading List

I wanted to introduce you to my latest reading list. These are the books that have me losing myself for hours on end, dreaming of a more love filled life. 

The Stylists Guide to NYC: Literally, the coolest city guide I've ever read, and I'm a huge Lonely Planet snob! The pages of this book have got me packed up and planning an entire fresh start in NYC (not just the holiday I have planned for January!) If only, but I'll never say never. If you're off to NYC, I strongly suggest you add this book to your reading list.

Pretty Honest: I'm no make-up buff, I never have been. But now maybe, I might be! This book is a gorgeous little beauty bible and everything MAKES SENSE! I've always struggled with beauty and the application of it but Sali is as honest as they come and lays everything out so clearly, that even I feel like I could give make-up a good go.

How to be Parisian, wherever you are: Oozing Parisian snobbery, this book has me in stitches with it's arrogant take on the Parisian lifestyle whilst making me question my everyday habits, from the way I colour my hair and how much make-up I *really* need to dating etiquette. Incredible.

I hope I've inspired you to bury your head in a book from time to time. It really is something i forget that i love.

Hope you're having a great week! Although it's not Friday for me tomorrow, happy Fri-YAY.

Thanks so much for reading.

16 Nov 2014

Nike and Fur

 Casual outfits are my favourite. You already know this. I wear trainers 80% of the time. 
Foot Locker were kind enough to send me some brand spanking new season Nike Thea, which I adore. I've developed an obsession with black trainers. The more 'boy' the better! This weekend I spent some valuable time in Birmingham with my best friend Laura, who got engaged to her absolute soul mate last week, and I'm ecstatic. Last night we partied, a little harder than I was aware of until this morning, when I was met with a hangover sent to crush my soul. It was worth it though. During my time in the Midlands I popped into a couple of vintage/charity shops in search of some faux fur. Jackpot. Oversized, grey faux fur £20. Happy with that! 

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I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. 
Thank you so much for reading.


14 Nov 2014

Clarice Price Thomas

I have recently had the great privilege of working alongside Clarice Price Thomas, one of the most talented jewellery designers I've ever come across. Her pieces are beautiful, inspiring and really relatable. I say relatable because to me, the beautiful cogs represent time, and time is something that is so special and precious and often something I have taken for granted. These earrings signify a pivotal time in my life, and Clarice knows how thankful I am, and her lovely PR lady, Jordanne, who has been just gorgeous. Anyway, for anyone who is special to you, in whatever way, I couldn't think of a more fitting gift to give, whether it's just because or for Christmas.

Clarice's full range can be shopped online and she will make every second of the process special for you.

Keep your eyes on mine and Clarice's Instagram for an extra special competition....

I hope you're having a lovely weekend and thank you so much for reading