Turning it into a positive

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you are all so well this week! Sorry the blog post has been delayed a little bit. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks and if I’m being really honest, I’ve been struggling with a few things.

I’m no stranger to anxiety, and I know lots of you aren’t either. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve annoyingly let it get the better of me. Things that don’t usually affect my anxiety such as Instagram and the over-saturation of selling and one-upmanship that breeds on there has really gotten under my skin. The things people say, the way that people behave, have also affected me and I’m usually so good at brushing it all off. I haven’t been able to shake it recently and it’s worn me right down. I’ve felt demotivated and all in all, a little bit sad and lost.

In light of this, the only thing I felt like I could do was to pull on the positives and make some changes, and in any situation where you feel you’re trapped in a bit of an unhealthy cycle it’s the best advice I’ve ever received.

I thought I would share with you some things that I have tried to do to break my little cycle in the hope that it might help you too.

  1. I put down my phone. God, I feel like I see so many people who are doing a ‘social media cleanse’ and it’s sad that we feel we need one, and that social media has such a detrimental affect on our mental health, but this is 2018 and that part of it is well, shit. I moved Instagram to another folder in my phone so it’s not the first thing I see. I have only used it to upload to, and not scroll through mindlessly and it’s really helped me separate myself.

  2. Going to sleep before 11pm. I am a woman who needs her sleep and whilst I’ve been feeling up the wall/mainly on the ceiling it’s even more important that I feel rested and get in at least 8 hours a night. I try to read something fictional and light hearted before bed, or watch The Good Place on Netflix which is the perfect ‘switch off your brain’ series to get into. It’s funny, too.

  3. Cut out caffeine. I’m sat here with a coffee, but it’s a weak one in my defence and I’ve got a hell of a day ahead and I need to be on the ball. Largely, coffee is against me where anxiety is concerned and it sets me off a treat so I’ll always avoid or limit it. That applies to alcohol, too. Sorry!

  4. I sat down and thought about the things that I love about my job, and how I could do more of those things. That goes for anyone, you, to some extent, have the power within your role to really do more of what you enjoy. Try and make the change so you don’t dread anything day to day.

  5. I talked to my friends and those closest to me about how I’ve been feeling, and I’m lucky enough to have such a strong group around me, and they always do the best job of picking me up if I need it. I also have been at home in Stockport a little bit more than usual, to be with family and just to be away from the mental pace of London so if you have the opportunity to change your scenery for some headspace, do it.

I know it is so normal to feel like this from time to time, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you feel this way because regardless of whether you’ve got amazing support or not, it can still feel lonely in your own head.

Don’t let it drag you down, make sure you talk to someone about how you feel and try to change some things that’ll make you feel happier again, whether that’s coming off Instagram, or going back to your family home. You won’t always feel this way and you will pick up again.

What I’m wearing:

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Re/done white t-shirt

Levi’s slim jeans

Dear Frances boots

Loewe hammock bag

Photography by Ollie Allie

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back on Friday with something new. xx

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