A solo trip

Hello you lot. I hope you all had such a great weekend. My weekend was unusual, and amazing! I speak very openly about how I struggle to find the balance, battle against anxiety and sometimes find myself in a negative relationship with social media. Off the back of feeling particularly overwhelmed by all of these things, I decided that I needed to try something new, something that might shake it up and re-focus me in a positive way.

I travel often, whether that’s for work on a press trip, with friends, James or family but I haven’t ever really traveled alone. The one taste of it I have had was in New York almost 5 years ago where I was with friends and they headed out of the city to ski and I stayed behind in New York for a few nights alone and it was scary, but incredibly freeing once I got settled.

The Cotswolds is one of my favourite places in the world. It’s the place that makes me feel rebalanced, and forces me to relax, put my phone down and be outside. It’s only 90 minutes outside of London too, so that always feels really close. This weekend James was away on a golf trip so I thought there was no better time to try out a little solo trip. I booked to stay at The Fish hotel, which is somewhere I have wanted to visit for such a long time.

I got the train from London Paddington, and of course the tube to get me there was ridiculously delayed, so I made my train with 5 minutes to spare, no time for a coffee or breakfast. I arrived at Moreton-in-Marsh train station and had forgotten to get out some cash for my taxi, so I walked to the nearest cash point which was broken so I walked further down the road into town when an almighty hail stone storm broke out. This actually made me laugh out loud on my own, it was that comical and I was soaked. When I got back to the station there were no taxi’s, and I rang, no joke, SEVEN companies all of whom were busy. I managed to flag one down, and the guy driving was on another job but was absolutely lovely so squeezed in the job of taking me to the hotel out of kindness for me looking so forlorn.

When I arrived at The Fish, all of the mornings lol’s and annoyances drifted away. I think because I was so ready to relax, none of the things that went wrong affected me, it made me laugh instead. Although I do wish someone had filmed it all.

The Fish is a beautiful, tranquil space. There’s plenty to do, and lots of walks and trails around. I did the same walk a few times, down to a sprawling and beautiful golden field at the bottom of the estate. It was silent there aside from the trees moving in the wind. I sat for a while and just watched. I read a book called ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and it was so inspiring and refreshing that I think you also need to read it! The food was amazing at Hook restaurant and breakfast even better. I had a pizza on room service and stayed cosy in my room.

I didn’t have a single pang of anxiety or worry on this trip and it turned out to be the best medicine ever. I couldn’t recommend escaping to the countryside enough, wherever that is for you! Book a little B’n’B and get gone!

What I wore:

& Other Stories plaid jacket

& Other Stories cream safari jacket

Mango Baker Boy hat

Weekday grey jeans (I got size 30 leg so size down by 2 inches as they are super long!)

You can see more of my looks from this trip in my Vlog, here.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you feel okay too, and if not, maybe you need some space away. xx

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