Ropes of Holland x Roxanne First

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you’re all so well this week. Today I’m sharing with you something that I am so incredibly proud of, and excited about.

I designed a jewellery collection! In collaboration with the wonderful, kind and talented Roxanne First. This is something I have wanted to do for such a long time, and I figured that when the time was right, it would happen. I was right!

Rocky prides herself on working with ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds whilst keeping her retail prices as close to wholesale as possible which I think is just amazing. 


Ropes of Holland x Roxanne First

Our relationship first began a few months ago when a couple of diamond earrings arrived, without prior warning, in the post. Who sends diamonds ‘just because?’ I thought. Honestly! I wanted to thank Rocky so much, so I reached out to do so, cue a meeting where she asked me to collaborate and the rest is history.

This process has been quick and amazing. There have been so many aspects to this design collaboration, aspects that I didn’t even consider, which has made it so very special to all of us.

 I have a thing for a floating diamond and Rocky picked up on this fairly sharpish as she already works with drilled diamonds in her existing collection. Drilled diamonds are laser drilled, without a setting, which gives the illusion of dancing. The diamonds are delicate, subtle and catch the light beautifully. The inspiration for this collection came from my mum, Sue, who honestly, loves a diamond and has wonderful taste.

Our collection is a 3-piece collection, the ‘Ed’ necklace, the ‘Sydney’ ring and the ‘Maggie’ earring. Each diamond sits on a delicate chain, and the idea is to integrate the pieces into your existing collection, as each piece is a timeless classic design built to last. 

I named each piece after one of my grandparents, because for those of you that don’t already know, the elderly are kind of my ‘thing’. Family or not! I worked in elderly care for a long time as a physio within the NHS, and now, I volunteer for Age UK as a befriender, where I visit my elderly friend every week for a catch up and a cuppa. This all links into my new series of Ageless Ties too. With this in mind, it was important for me to give something back with this collection and Rocky was so kind as to let me donate 15% of all sales to Age UK.

So let me take you through the process. I headed into Rocky’s studio to effectively play with some diamonds, and to see the workshop. To Rocky, it’s totally normal but I was not cool, it was so exciting and there were beautiful pieces and stones everywhere! We got our designs right, tried on different sizes, chains and measured up for things like the length of the chain earring.

It was actually pretty straightforward and I think we’re both women who know what we want from our jewellery. 

We decided that we would love to have a launch dinner for our pals, and press. We put together our guest list, which was pretty harmonious as we know a handful of the same people so everyone we asked would be there to support us mutually which felt so nice and easy. 

The Continental Pantry offered to host the dinner, which is the most gorgeous little spot in Westbourne Grove- we have the whole place to ourselves! Wonderful Maria asked me for some ideas for the tables, so I sent across a flower arrangement that I loved the feel of, something simple, delicate but not too minimal. I’ve put the mood board for you to see below. Maria is a genius. For the food, I worked alongside the incredible private chef, Nina Parker.We talked about what I dislike (oysters, leeks, fish and fennel, for the record) and worked up an insane LA, Asian inspired 3 course menu. Chocolate was involved, of course. What an amazing woman Nina is! You can also see this below.

The last thing to do was to shoot the collection ready for the website and press releases. I used lovely Ollie Ali as usual for this and I am so unbelievably happy with what we achieved. I styled the pieces with lots of layers so you can see how to wear them best, and how to intertwine them into your existing collections. 

There are so many people that have worked so hard on this with us. Laura on press, Maria on venue and table design, Nina on food and Robert, Rocky’s business partner for putting up with us! The biggest thank you goes to gorgeous Rocky for believing in me and in what we could achieve together. 

I cannot tell you just how proud of this I am. 

You can shop my collection below:

Sydney ring - £145. 1 drilled diamond (0.10cts), set in 14ct yellow gold

Maggie single earring - £150. 1 drilled diamond (0.10cts), set in 14ct yellow gold

Ed necklace - £395. 3 drilled diamonds (0.27cts), set in 14ct yellow gold

Photography by Ollie Ali

Thank you all so, so much for your support and I hope you really like this collection as much as I do. xx

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