A get-away to Foxhill Manor

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Foxhill Manor

What an incredible place this really is. James and I escaped here last weekend for some country air and I didn’t quite prepare myself for just how wonderful Foxhill would be.

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From the second we checked in we felt at home. Foxhill Manor is designed to be just that, a home away from home. There’s isn’t a reception or anything formal, and the team are incredible and already know who you are when you arrive. Our room was absolutely beautiful, and huge! Wait until you see the bath…you all know how much I love a bath, on a count of not being able to fit in mine at home.

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One of the amazing things about Foxhill is

that they have a chef on hand 24 hours a day. The team take you to the kitchen to meet the chef and he takes you through the ingredients he’s got in, and essentially he will make you anything you want, and give you some inspiration if you can’t decide on what you fancy. This was our lunch- spicy tomato soup and sandwiches. Simple but so so good and cosy! Oh, and there’s a 24 hour pantry that you can help yourself to! chocolate, snacks, beer- you name it.

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There’s a little hidden wine cellar at Foxhill, and the idea is that you can head down and choose your very own bottle of wine! We headed down to choose a bottle for dinner and we came away with the most beautiful bottle of Reisling.

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This was our breakfast view. Pretty gorgeous, I know. For all meals, you can sit wherever you’d like to throughout the house. We chose this huge window overlooking the grounds for our final meal with Foxhill. Breakfast was the same, we chose what we wanted and they ever brought out a breakfast board to start with, which had granola, smoothie shots, fruit and pastries on! it’s safe to say James and I weren’t hungry at any point during our stay!

I cannot recommend Foxhill Manor enough, it was one of the most restful and tranquil stays I’ve ever had. The staff were wonderful and the grounds just so beautiful. I’ll be back in a hurry!

You can see more about Foxhill Manor by clicking here - Foxhill Manor

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll catch you back here on Monday xx

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