A bit of a catch up


a catch up

Hello you lot! I hope your week is going so well this far. Is anyone else feeling like Christmas has crept right up on them? I know it’s really British to say “I don’t know where this year has gone!” but seriously, where has it gone though!?

I thought I would use today’s blog post to catch you up a little bit about what I’ve been up to. It’s been a bit of a crazy year this year, work wise and personally. I wouldn’t change too much of it, but there are certainly people that are missing and I would love them to be here this Christmas, even just for the turkey!

It’s really helpful to me to sit and reflect on what I’ve accomplished this year, even this week, or else I tend to get so busy that I end up going through the motions to just ‘get through it’ and never stop to appreciate the amazing things that have happened. This goes for most of my friends too. We owe it to ourselves to reflect and to have a moment to feel proud.

So I suppose I’ll start with the most recent things that I feel proud of- and actually these things all happened within the space of a week! You can imagine my brain.

Warehouse kindly asked me to front their party wear campaign this season and that was such big deal, although it took lots of people I know popping into stores across the UK and sending me photos of my own face for me to realise just how big of a deal it was. I absolutely LOVED shooting that campaign. We had the best team, it was loads of fun and I came to acknowledge that I really quite like a sparkly dress….

Then it was time for the launch of Ageless Ties, which by the way, THANK YOU for all of your support. It’s tough putting something you love so dearly out there on the internet, especially when it’s not what you’re used to seeing from me. And also, when my writing skills become really vulnerable! The response has been incredible and I am so happy so many of you are enjoying it! I’m interviewing pairs of amazing people like a mad woman, so you’ve got lots to sink your teeth into over the coming months.

Finally, the launch of my collaboration with the incredible Roxanne First. I mean the dream! For a woman who is obsessed with jewellery a design collaboration couldn’t have been more amazing. Let alone the fact I got to donate my 15% profit to Age UK. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been involved in something so bloody wholesome with wonderful people.

I don’t want this blog post to be a boastful list of what I’ve achieved, I’d like you to see it as a thank you actually, because without the support of you lot in everything I set out to do I wouldn’t be half as successful. I would also love it if you went away and wrote down the things that you’re proud of too to give yourself chance to really reflect- I promise it’ll give you such a lift.

Photography by Ollie Ali

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Thank you so much for reading and see you on Friday with something new ready for party season. xx

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