Twenty Eighteen Reflections

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twenty eighteen reflections

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you got to have some time with the ones you care about and some time to really have a rest- although I know some of you work during Christmas, so I’m sending you extra love.

Today’s post is a little look back on 2018 and some of the things this year has taught me. It’s always good to reflect, whether it’s good or tough, we’ll always grow in some way.

-I started the year off with the best of trip with one of my best pals, Lizzy. We did a little Caribbean trip to the Dominican Republic and hopped around a few different hotels, each more incredible than the last. I am extremely lucky not only to be able to travel the world for work, but to be able to do that with my best mate. We travel easily together because we want to see and do the same things, and we’re both so relaxed; aside from if I’m up the wall about something and need to talk about it until we’re both blue in the face or Lizzy’s up the wall and needs at least a 2 hour walk on her own with her music playing. The pair of us have actually travelled pretty much every month all year together and it’s been a ball. 

One of the things I learned in this respect is how the things we want most in life need hard work and good people around you to make them happen. I would never have been able to travel like this if I was still working as a physio within the NHS. I made my blog happen because I wanted to be my own boss, I wanted my mental health to balance and I wanted to spend more time with those closest to me. So go out and get what you want! It’s not as scary as it seems.

-I think a hard lesson to learn, at any age and at any stage within a friendship is that people will let you down, and guess what, it’s okay! It’s not a reflection on you, it’s really not, I promise. Sometimes people drift apart for many reasons and whilst it feels utterly shit when it first happens it’ll always work out for the best. Similarly, If there’s someone toxic in your life, take steps to put some distance between you first and then when you decide to call time on the relationship it won’t feel quite so sudden and hard for you. But be brave, you’ll feel better without them. 

- Doing selfless things will help your own state of mind. I’ve told you all before about how I’ve struggled with my mental health, in particular anxiety and panic attacks. As a follow on from my work in elderly care within the NHS, I wanted to be close to the elderly again in some way. Age U.K. run a befriending scheme that means you can pair up with a lonely elderly person in your area and visit them every week. I’ll tell you what- it’s done me more good than I could have imagined. It’s not something I set out to do for help for myself, but it turns out I needed it too. I love visiting my lady Berry, she’s absolutely cracking and really gives me a fresh perspective on things. Get some more information here: Age UK Befriending

-Losing anyone you love at any time in your life will be a fucking fucker of devastation. I’m 31 and my grandad Sid was quite literally the light of my life. He died in July and honest to god I can’t even write this sentence without tears and a pain in my chest. It does get easier, time passes and you learn to grow and remember the times you shared together and take comfort from all the love that they brought. Christmas was especially difficult- although we were away in Mexico and I think that it helped to be away from the tradition of visiting him at home or having him over to us for a Christmas dinner. Sending those of you going through something similar all my love. 

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I really hope you all take some comfort from reading this, and please remember that everyone goes through such difficult times throughout their lives. I would so love to hear what you’ve learned this year too. Sending all my love for an amazing 2019 and beyond to you all xx

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