A classic with Stella McCartney

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you’re having a great week so far. I am so excited to share this post with you today because it’s in collaboration with a British designer I have loved and respected for years, and that is the wonderful Stella McCartney.

More specifically, the iconic Falabella bag which has been a strong part of the Stella McCartney story for years. Stella McCartney does what not many other do, and that’s create cruelty-free wearable pieces you’ll love for a lifetime. The Falabella is made from alter-kappa vegetarian leather and feels beautifully soft. I can literally fit the kitchen sink in this bag, so it’s the perfect day-to-day bag, and amazing to take on flights too. And if you head to the London flagship store, you’ve got the option to create a bespoke Falabella bag, and have it personalised too.

Investing in a bag is something that I take my time with, like most of you I’m busy and I need a bag to withstand a fast pace and fit lots in like my laptop or gym leggings and water bottle. The Falabella has proved to be the best for ease, quality and I love the way it’s so easily integrated into any wardrobe no matter your style.

Photography by Zac Mahrouche.

You can shop the Falabella bag below in a couple of options:

Falabella bag black

Falabella bag white

I absolutely loved styling this post with Stella McCartney and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. See you back here next week. xx

This post was written in collaboration with Stella McCartney but all styling and options are my own.

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