Slip dresses in Summer: LA

As you read this I'll be in the air on the way back from one of the most amazing trips away with Lizzy in LA. I first went to LA last year, with Lizzy and Katherine last May, and I've been a little bit smitten ever since. I think, amongst many other things, such as the weather, how beautiful the city is and how close you are to some of the most incredible coastline, the main reason that I love visiting so much is because of the pace of life here. There's no rush, people are relaxed and so in turn, I'm relaxed. 

From one heatwave to another, LA was reaching highs of 40 degrees so I knew I had to figure out what to pack, and do it sensibly. I've talked a little bit about sustainability in fashion before now, and lucky for me/us one of my favourite brands is America, and has a few stores across LA. You must know that I'm alluding to Reformation. I actually ordered online for the pieces I chose to arrive at my hotel so I knew I could try everything I wanted to on, as sometimes the stores don't carry every piece.

Reformation makes their pieces from sustainable materials like dead-stock fabric or vintage clothing. They're a brand to watch in sustainable fashion as they push forward to find new and alternative ways to create beautiful designs whilst being good to our environment.

So back to the LA heatwave. I ordered a couple of dressed but this one got the most wear because it's just such a perfect cut and it's so lightweight that it wasn't stuck to me for hours on end as we explored the city. It's the Preston dress and it comes in a few colours and patterns but there's something about this green floral one that I just loved so much. 

Shop my look:

Reformation Preston dress

By FAR shoes

Loewe Puzzle bag

Photography by Scott León.

Thank you so much for reading and I'll be back with lots to show you from LA, including a huge guide. See you on Wednesday! xx

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