The LA Travel Guide

Hello you lot! I hope you’re all having a brilliant week this week.

I wanted to share this post with you fairly quickly because A. I was so excited to get my rolls of film back and B. quite a few of you guys requested a guide to LA over on Instagram.

Lizzy and I have had the most incredible week away. I think I fall in love with the city every time I visit, next time, I won’t leave it a whole year before I go back. The pull is too strong now!

There is so much that I love about LA. The relaxed way of life, the beachy feel, the fact that you’re not too far from the Pacific Coast Highway so you can get over to Laguna in a couple of hours. I always have such amazing food in LA too, there’s always a new restaurant hot-spot to try.

We stayed in West Hollywood which is so close to everything we wanted and needed. The hotel we stayed at had such a good recommendation but neither of us would recommend it or stay there again. I would recommend staying at The Avalon Hotel which is where we stayed last time.

So I’ll take you through day by day.

Day One

We arrived the night before and were absolutely shattered beyond belief. The 11 hour flight is really something! So we had dinner in the hotel and called it a night at 9pm. The next morning we were up and out by 8am ready to start exploring. It was crazily humid but we love to walk so we carried on regardless of the hair on our heads which had expanded outwards! I’d always say to people walk as much as you can in LA, it’s all very doable even though not many people seem to do it. I think we walked for 40 minutes as the longest stretch we did but that way you really get to explore and find your bearings. Especially if like Lizzy, you’re basically a human Google Map. We went to Reformation, and Reformation Vintage on Melrose and hung around shopping for a while. I was on the lookout for vintage t-shirts and Levi’s and I found both! I got my jeans in a cool little vintage store called Scout, but I’d looked in Assembly too which was so cool and worth a trip. 

We had the best lunch at Jon & Vinny’s on Fairfax and even the salads are something to write home about! Everyone who lives here that we mentioned it to, all made the same ‘oh my god’ noise because it really is that good. 

I was supposed to shoot with a photographer that afternoon but there was a huge storm so we moved it to day two instead.

We had a bit of a jet-lag slump at around 5pm and I thought we’d end up in bed at 8pm! But we pulled it together and went to a vegan Mexican place that we had been to before called Gracias Madre and regardless of whether you’re vegan or into vegan food (I am not at all) it is so unbelievably good. So make the trip but you’ve got to book as it gets crazy busy. We met up with our friend Reem and it was so amazing to see her as she lives in Dubai and we don’t get to see her all too often.

Day Two

On the second day we felt so much more into the swing of things. I started my day with Scott the photographer and we shot lots of amazing things which I’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. Once we had finished we met Lizzy at Rose café in Venicewhich was one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. Plus Gordon Ramsay was sat eating his lunch a few tables away so that’s got to count for something! I left the guys to it so they could get their photography sorted and I went of to treat myself to a massage at The Now in Beverly Hills. I did this last year when I visited and it was one of the things I was most excited to do again this time. I got a 50 minute ‘The now’ massage and it was $70. I’ve never had a massage like it- it is amazing, especially after such a long flight. This was a packed out day with mostly work for us both so we had a quick turnaround for our dinner reservation but then we realized it was a 5 minute walk away and stopped rushing. We went to Norah’s in West Hollywoodand it was gorgeous, it’s beautiful and cool inside and the food is excellent. Great wine list too! We met up with Reem again and she brought a couple of her girls along too so it was a nice girls dinner. 

Day Three

This day was absolutely incredible. Lizzy booked me a surprise car for my birthday and all along she was adamant that it was a stretch hummer. I kept telling her “I cannot drive anything that big!!!!” Well to my absolutely joy and surprise, it was a flipping 1965 Ford Mustang convertible. Can you believe!? I was so excited, we both were very giddy. The plan was to just get onto the Pacific Coast Highway and head towards Laguna Beach. It took us around 2-2.5 hours with a bit of traffic. We sunbathed, and went for a dip in the sea in Laguna, bought matching t-shirts, got matching sunburn and just laughed all day long. The car rental place for classic cars is called Legends and it’s out by LAX. That evening, I had booked to get a tattoo done by a guy called Noah, and you can see his work on Instagram It’s a special tattoo, for my granddad and I’ll show you the tattoo soon but it was all red so I didn’t take a photo straight away. I absolutely LOVE it. Of course Lizzy was there to hold my hand throughout. We ended up back at home around 11pm and we were shattered from our road trip so we ordered a pizza to the room and it was perfect.

Day Four

We we’re up and out by 8am again so we headed to brunch at The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker and couldn’t recommend it more! Perfect brunch and perfect coffee. Our next move was a hilarious one. It was boiling hot and all we wanted was a pool- our hotel didn’t have one- always check! So, we stayed at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last year and know where the pool is. We managed to sneak in and get a good two hours of sunbathing/swimming in before we made a mistake, ordered a drink and they wanted our room number…we got rumbled! It was very funny. Apparently if you end up in a hotel without a pool, there are pools you can buy day passes to! Noted!

Later that afternoon, we got to hang out with a girl that some mutual friends introduced us to last time we visited, Lauren, who owns LnA Clothing and is just the best. She took us to Little beach House (Soho House) in Malibu and it was so beautiful. From there we went to eat and drink at her friends new restaurant, Elephantè. It’s up on a rooftop, has a beautiful view, it’s so cool, busy and buzzing. The food is great- the pizzas are next level good! And the cocktail and wine menu is absolutely brilliant. Let’s just say that Lizzy and I don’t have the most recollection of this evening but we met some amazing people and had so, so much fun! 

Day Five

As a direct result of Day Four, Day Five didn’t really go too well, as you can imagine. We got on our flight at 8pm and headed home to London.

I hope you’ve loved this post! I love making these for you. Ask me anything LA related if you need to. xx