A girls guide to Paris

Hello you lot! I hope you’re all so well and are having the best long weekend. I’ve just spent the last few days in Paris with my best friend, Laura, so I wanted to share with you a bit of a girls guide to Paris! It’s been my favourite ever trip, because it wasn’t work related and I saw so much more of Paris this time.

Day 1

We arrived bleary eyed from a 5am wake up to catch an early flight- a mistake I always make and end up needing naps for the entire trip. Anyway. We checked into The Hoxton, which is a place I know well and always enjoy staying with. Then we headed out into the 28 degree heat for a little walk around and grabbed a coffee to walk with for an hour before our lunch reservation at 1pm. We made a beeline for Killiwatch Paris, which is the best vintage store I have ever visited! Especially for Levi’s! There are SO many pairs to try and I love getting lost in there.  Levi’s start from around 39 euros which I think is great. I didn’t find any Levi’s this time but I got a really cool Chinese inspired wrap top that you’ll see in the photos.

Lunch was in the perfect setting, at Café Marly, overlooking the Louvre, and it’s just so beautiful! The food is French, so we both had a Crouqe Madamé, and a glass of rosé. It was pretty perfect to be honest, and perked us both right up.

We walked pretty much everywhere as the weather was so beautiful and nowhere we needed was more than 30 minutes away. It was amazing. We found an amazing wine shop, so bought a bottle of beautiful French rosé for the hotel room so we could have a few glasses whilst getting ready.

We hit more shops after lunch, and headed to Merci, which is one of my favorite Paris spots. It’s this incredibly well curate department store. I got some new linen for our bed and I am desperate to sleep in it! Laura picked up some new sunglasses from Jimmy Fairly too, so she was really chuffed! I also dragged Laura to The Frankie Shop, which is an incredible store that has the coolest pieces, both current and vintage. There’s one in New York too!

Dinner was at the most amazing place- and I would book and go every time I go to Paris from now on. It’s called Anahi, a Mexican/meat fusion and it knocked my socks off. We had the chateaubriand to share, and lots of beautiful wine. Oh, and then a huge dark chocolate soufflé! We had a really giddy evening and laughed until we cried, and it’ll all be available to watch on my vlog as this blog post goes live! 

Day 2

Shockingly, we got up relatively early to get a big breakfast in before another day of exploring. We had our breakfast at The Hoxton, which is always great and I love their coffee! Someone recommended another vintage store to us, so we were all over that- it’s called Episode and it was just around the corner from Killiwatch so we headed off in search of more vintage finds. Laura works for Adidas, and found some vintage Adi pieces so she got some of those. 

Laura and I both love a bit of a tourist spot, so we walked for a good 30 minutes to see one of the Basillica’s. Laura always lights a candle when she visits so we both did this time. It was so beautiful and calm inside. Let me tell you at this point that Laura had taken over navigation, and had managed to find every hill and set of steps in Paris, I could have killed her but she bought me a hazelnut gelato when we got to the top, so all is forgiven. 

We stopped off for lunch at La Café De La Poste for lunch, which just has such a nice French vibe, and the food is great. As women, we weren’t done with shopping yet, so we visited Galerie Lafayette; the coolest department store ever. It is really quite something inside! And the brands, oh, the brands. I’ll skim over here and tell you that I bought some Celine sunglasses, okay bye now (I am VERY happy with them, they fit my tiny face perfectly).

An afternoon nap was heavily on the cards, so we took a scenic walk, via coffee, back to the hotel for an hour before getting ready to go out. 

For dinner, we went to Le Yacht Club. I’ve been before and loved the atmosphere and food, and it was exactly the same again. The premis is great cocktails and sharing plates and it was exactly what we fancied. 

We went home via a shop that sold chocolate, and watched Sex and the City in bed. Absolute Heaven.

We had the most amazing time, and explored so many amazing places for food. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages, to the point of being unable to speak. I think that’s what best mates do though.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that you visit some of the same places if you head there soon! xx

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