Vintage t-shirt on film

Hi you lot! I hope you're all having a great week. This comes to you from Copenhagen! I'm heading to fashion week for the next few days and I can't wait. It's always my favourite fashion week! I wanted to share this look with you today because I keep repeating it, which means I'm quite in love with it.

I LOVE a vintage t-shirt, so when I was in LA, I made sure that I picked up a couple. Lizzy actually found this, the little magpie that she is, whilst I was having no luck on one side of the store, she was cleaning up! It says Aruba on the front, and I've never been but it's one of my parents 'Caribbean cruise Steve & Sue' favourite places. I always think about the story a vintage t-shirt tells; did someone go on a holiday to Aruba that they fell in love with and just had to buy a t-shirt as a souvenir? probably. That's what Lizzy and I did in Laguna Beach! One of the reasons that I love finding vintage pieces is that it's a nice, sustainable way to buy fashion. Reusing and reworking existing pieces is more friendly to the environment than we might realise! So over the past couple of months, I've bought four different vintage t-shirts (yes some have holes under the armpits that I did not see until I got home but you live and learn….).

T-shirts are my go to. I'm wearing one as I sit here right now (with holes in the armpits, for ventilation of course) so when I went shopping for them, I got an off white one, a grey burnout one and two with logos on. Remember to check under menswear too for a more oversized look.

Some of my favourite online vintage stores are:

Beyond Retro

We Are Cow

Shop my full look:

Reformation skirt

By FAR shoes

LK Bennett bag

Photography by Scott León.

Thank you so much for reading you lot. I should be back as usual from now on. See you on Friday for something else! xx