How to nail a transitional season with clothes you already own

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you're all so well and had a lovely weekend too! I'm in Palma with mum- currently hunting down coffee AND Sangria because we got a 6am flight and I am SHATTERED. Couldn't be happier to be here though, with mum.

Today's post is just a quick one on how to nail that in-between seasons style, without spending loads (or anything!) to buy new looks. It's not hot enough for your summer wardrobe, and not cool enough to drag out your knitwear. It's an issue, I know.

Let's make this really easy, shall we? no spending, no stressing about what to wear. Go to your wardrobe/drawers (I keep t-shirts in drawers). Find your favourite mid wash jeans, the ones you feel most comfortable in, no matter the style; straight leg, high waist, skinny, mid rise, it does not matter. 

Now pull out all the light weight cotton tops you've got, you know the ones, breton striped, long sleeved t-shirts with logo's on, vintage thick cotton t-shirts. Make note of them, and wear them on repeat with your go-to jeans until this weather decides whether it's going to warm up or cool down!

I got this long sleeved t-shirt from a store in Brighton, the brand is Tres Bien, and it's menswear but I adored it so here we are. I have worn it so much! A long sleeved cotton t-shirt is the perfect transitional option. My jeans are the usual high waisted Weekday Row and my little Fendi slip ons.

You don't need links….you guys absolutely have these things to be able to recreate this look in your wardrobe!

Photography by Frances Davison

Thank you so much for reading. See you back here on Friday xx

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