A guide to Palma: Stay, eat, see

Hello you gorgeous lot. I hope you are all really well and have had a fab week. I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this guide with you. Mum and I had such a great time in Palma and the hotel was one of the best I have ever experienced. I had so many messages via Instagram full of prise for the place and how people were getting married there, or had gotten married there! it was incredible.

We spent 4 days there, and really managed to relax, eat amazing food and see so much.

We stayed at the incredible Cap Rocat. Honestly, we arrived and I was blown away. It’d an old military base so is constructed of many levels and hills and has the original structure still in place. there are only 30 rooms, which are stand alone, each boasting a double level terrace with a view of Palma Bay. Very special.

Day 1

We arrived at the beautiful grounds of Cap Rocat and were welcomed in the warmest way. Next up we were showed to the lounge/bar area whilst they checked us in and we enjoyed a welcome drink. The buggy arrived to take us to our room- which is quite neccasary as I mentioned before the hotel is split over levels and lots of hills! After we’d gotten settled in the room, which by the way, was beautiful and carried a nod to authentic Spanish design, we walked (yes walked!) back up the hill to the pool. The pool area was absolutely beautiful, and so serene. I loved spending most of my time there.

We had woken up at 3am to catch our flight so as you can imagine, we were both pretty desperate for a nap pre dinner. We kept it really low key on our first night, and had drinks in the lounge, then ate at the Fort restaurant that has panoramic views of the bay- now, the menu is an acquired taste so just double check you fancy it first! Both me and mum, walked into the same corner of a glass table on the terrace of the restaurant and it had us in stitches; I did it first and mum could not stop laughing and then around 10 minutes later mum stood up and did the exact same thing and we couldn’t control our laughing for ages. You had to be there….

Day 2

Our second day started with a 9am lazy breakfast delivered to the room- which we chose the night before, with a choice to eat indoors or out on the terrace. Mum was fussed about the wasp that was following her about outside so we opted to stay inside. We woke up to a bit of a moody, cloudy day so we decided to head into Palma which is 20-25 minutes away by taxi and costs approx 23 euros each way. We walked for miles! First we went to an amazing food market, Mercado Gastronómico San Juan- which offers the most amazing choice and we loved it so much. A glass of the best wine was also no more expensive than 2.50 euros! We explored the main cathedral, had some amazing gelato, shopped until (I) dropped and later a glass wine before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and then back to Palma centre- we timed it poorly because we did two trips to Palma but the weather restricted pool time and we wanted to explore. Our dinner was SO WORTH it. We ate at a tapas bar that mum had actually been to around 8 years earlier and it was incredible, it’s called La Bodeguilla but make sure you book as it’s no secret just how good it is!

Day 3

We started our day with another absolutely beautiful breakfast, and thankfully the sun was back! So we were excited for another day at the pool, with some time spent at the Sea Club in-between. We had lunch at the pool which is the perfect food for picking and sharing. We walked down to the Sea Club to book our final lunch the next day and hung around so I could have a quick dip in the sea. The Sea Club is incredible, (food too!) there are ladders down into the sea so you can get in and out safely- and it looks very chic too. For dinner, we went into Palma to a place called Forn De Sant Joan and it was absolutely beautiful- I think it was my favourite meal, actually. We wandered into Bar Abacco, which is quite special! It’s a bar, behind an old oak door with a huge knocker on the outside, and inside is a lavish, fruit laden, candle lit bar. Now, it’s fairly touristy, and expensive at 14-16 euros a drink but, it’s worth the visit. There are so many cool, relaxed little bars on Carrer De Sant Joan so you can't go wrong if you head there after dinner.

Day 4

On our final day, we decided to relax at the hotel for the full day. The flight home wasn’t until 9pm so we could really relax and soak up the last of the sunshine before heading home to a more tepid temperature! We stayed by the pool and lazily got through our books. For lunch, we had booked a table overlooking the sea at The Sea Club (which you can book even if you’re not a guest of the hotel). It was absolutely beautiful, the surroundings and the food which is predominantly seafood. I headed off down those chic ladders I mentioned earlier for a quick dip before very reluctantly, checking out and heading off to the airport.

What an absolutely incredible stay we had. I’ll be booking to go back next year.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide! See you back here on Monday for something new xx

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