New Knitwear: Ways to wear it

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you are all so well and have had the best weekend. Last week I spent some time in Devon with Liz Earle, and had the opportunity to take some photo’s at the beach whilst we were there. Lovely Joe Galvin stepped in and did a flipping wonderful job.

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New knitwear

I am finding myself become a little bit too dedicated to my new knitwear wardrobe; It’s no joke. I seek out the warmest, thickest, chunkiest knits and make them mine before I have considered that I have absolutely no room for them in my wardrobe. But honestly- you can never have too much knitwear.

As it cools down, I absolutely live in knitwear. It’s so easily styled, too. When it starts to get even colder, I love putting a thin roll neck underneath to make it a bit more interesting. And if you’re bored of knitwear with denim, firstly why!?, but also, I feel you, it easy to wear dresses or longer length skirts underneath to keep it really casual and comfortable if you fancy a change.

Let’s face it, nobody wishes for more than being warm and comfortable in the Autumn/Winter.

This knit is by Kelly Love, and my goodness, it’s in my top two knits that I own. I have followed Kelly’s journey for a couple of years and I absolutely love what she does. The design process for the pieces she creates shows a concept behind each individual piece and the craftsmanship, mainly by hand! is incredible.

Shop the look:

Kelly Love knitwear

Mango dress


I hope you love this look as much as I do. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you back here on Friday! xx

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