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Hello you lot! I hope you’ve had the best weekend. We were in Suffolk with James’ family and it was the best tonic. I always love visiting them, running around with our little niece Lois, and Suffolk is so pretty and absolutely nothing like London which is more of a bonus to me than I had ever imagined it might be.

I’m writing this as we are driving (James driving, me singing) back into London and the weight that I left London with, sat on my chest to be specific, has lifted somewhat.

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Don’t juggle too much

Nobody will thank you for it

Lately I’ve been feeling all kinds of overwhelmed. And if I’m honest, these feelings have probably all been avoidable on some level. The thing is, that I love to be busy, I love to be working on 5 things at once and I love to sit down at the end of the day and feel like I’ve accomplished so much.

I used to enjoy that feeling, but now? It’s just totally overwhelms me. I book in meeting after meeting, interspersed with shoots, dinners, editing, writing, tracking my accounts, whilst trying to prioritise friends and family and getting enough rest and exercising and eating well. It just doesn’t work like that- there’s no balance and that’s no life. I don’t often let it slip because I’m lucky that when I can’t recognise it, James can, and he’ll flag up when he thinks I’m on the road to my usual breakdown. It’s like I overflow; I don’t sleep, I can’t function, my skin suffers and it’s at this point I understand what it is to feel stressed. 

I’m not writing this all down to evoke empathy, but to be able to help you to identify when you might be heading for burn out too. No matter your job or hobbies, we’re all susceptible to taking on too much and failing to recognise when we’re not being kind to ourselves.

A few things I’ve found that help me to keep a balance:

  • If your days are packed out, make sure your evenings are your own. Whether you need to see your friends for a drink and a chat about everything or you need to go home, be silent, get in the bath before reading a book and falling asleep, just do what feels like switching off to you.

  • If you work for yourself, plan in working hours. I know this is difficult, especially when you’re freelance because work comes at you from all angles and I often get work through on the last minute. I try to minimise the amount of time I spend running around all over London for meetings and shoots etc- the more time I spend at home the more calm and on top of things I tend to feel.

  • For sleeping especially, a silky eye mask- the pitch black literally sends me right off and keeps me asleep! And any form of pillow/sleep spray that’s lavender based. I’ve ran out, so I’m just dashing my pillow with pure lavender oil at the moment and that’s doing the trick. I don’t care how it works, it just does.

So from me to you, before we all fall victim to that Winter burn out, just take some time to look at your diary, simplify as much as you can and only say yes to things that make you feel good! 

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Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you back here on Friday xx

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