An iPhone photo diary & how I edit


iPhone photo diary & edits

Hello you lot! I hope you’re all very well this week. I wanted to share something a little new with you today.

I don’t know about you, but I take so many photos on my phone- not just of me! But of everything and everyone. The images sit there in my camera roll, 22,000 strong I might add, and I don’t know, it just feels like a bit of a shame. Some of the photos hidden away in my phone’s memory are some of my favourites ever. I have an iPhone 7 plus.

I’m going to share some with you that I’ve taken throughout December and January.


I love this photo of my brother, Mike and James. We ate at a Thai restaurant on holiday in Mexico and I had to ask so nicely for them to pose for this!

I took these during my trip to Mexico. Something about travel inspires me so, so much to take way more photos than usual. Especially when the light looks like this. I’m a sucker for a warm, glow-y light, Everything looks so beautiful in it.

I got some super snazzy new trousers from Matches in the sale. These are by Isabel Marant. They were £156 and I have worn them so much! I love the washed out blue and the way they fit, but I especially love the drop pockets. I wore them on New Years eve rolled up with some heels too and I adore them. Heres the link for them but be quick! Isabel Marant trousers

This was the happiest of New Years celebrations. We went to Lizzy’s house for a party and it was nothing but best pals having so much fun! Crowns were not optional!

I went shopping, physically shopping recently. It’s not something I do often and I miss it! I shop online so often that I forget how nice it is to see pieces and to try them on before you buy them. This grey knit is from H&M, and it was £25. It’s so warm, and a little oversized which I absolutely love. I find it so easy to wear. This is the link to it for you: H&M grey knit

On that same shopping trip, I bought these black trousers from the Committed collection at Mango and they are amazing. I’m 5’11 ft tall and they hang perfectly with trainers or a heel. These were also £25 in the sale. Here’s the link: Mango black trousers

Lastly I bought some New Balance trainers that I’d seen one of my biggest inspirations, NYC Bambi wear on Instagram. I love the neutral tones, and the fact that they aren’t too chunky. These were £60 and here’s the link for you: New Balance 605 trainers.

phone blog post 2.JPG

Another snap of me wearing the black Mango trousers. This is another H&M knit too, it was the last one in store on a random rail, size 14 I think….I loved it so much I had to make it work. It was £14!

When it comes to editing images on my phone, I use VSCO. I usually stick to presets under the ‘warm’ category and tend to use G8 mostly. You can play about with the presets too, so you can add a hint or go full edit. It’s all about warmth in an image for me, especially as London can be so gloomy at this time of year. Sunlight is sparse!

Play around with the temperature of the image, and the presets too, you’ll know what you like as soon as you see it.

Links to pieces mentioned:

Isabel Marant trousers

Weekday cream split jeans- sold out online

H&M grey knit

Mango Committed collection black trousers

New Balance trainers

H&M cream knit- search online for in store availability

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. I think I’ll do more of these the more my camera roll builds up. Have a class week and thank you so much for reading. xx

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