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big big shirts

Hello you lot! I hope you’ve had the best weekend. Mine was so great, I was working but it was great all the same. I went to an amazing countryside retreat on Sunday for the night with my best pal Laura too so I’m making my way back to London this morning.

I shot this look last week at home using some more linens. I really love the way this looks, plus the weather in London has been pretty rainy and I wasn’t up for standing under an umbrella waiting to jump out from under it when it stopped. Boundaires. 

Now I know you’ve probably seen this shirt before and lord knows you’ve seen these boots!

I got this shirt in the men’s section of Uniqlo when I was in New York in November and honestly it cost me about $14! I wear it all the time, for an evening look or tucked in during the day. They still do a similar one online that I’ll link for you too- in lots of colours!

This bag is new into my wardrobe too, it was sent as a gift from Bally and I really love using it and I love the way it looks too. It’s not like any of the other bags I’ve got so I’ve been using it quite a lot recently. This style comes in a smaller size too, and are under £1000.

I hope you’ve got such a great week ahead of you- I’ve got a bit of a manic diary this week but it’s all for the greater good because James and I are off to Mauritius on Friday and we can’t wait. 

Photography by Ollie Ali.

Shop the look:

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Bally Cecyle bag

Uniqlo men’s shirt in various colours- I got an XL and I’m 5’11.

 Missoma gold hoop earrings

 See you back here soon and thank you for reading xx

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