a bank holiday

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bank holiday weekend

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you’re all so well! What a gorgeous weekend we’ve had across the UK! The weather has been blinding and most of us got a long weekend for Easter. Plus or minus chocolate. (I now can’t look at chocolate for the foreseeable).

James and I spent the first half of the weekend in Suffolk with his family. We’ve got a new little nephew in the family, baby Jude, so we’ve been spending more time out that way recently. I love going to visit because it’s a far cry from London! and we’ve got our niece Lois to hang out with who is going to be 2 soon and to be honest, she’s hilarious.

James played golf, and helped his brother with the electrics on the house whilst me and Kimi, his brothers girlfriend, spent time in the sun with the kids. We went to Bury St. Edmonds for the afternoon and it was absolutely gorgeous. We had a takeaway with about 13 members of Kimi’s family on Friday night and there was so much Chinese food!

On the Saturday night James and I had a bottle of wine and made spag bol. Literally so chilled!

On Sunday we headed back into London for a date with our pals Kim and Simon. Now, we booked a roast dinner and it was 24 degrees, but we stuck with it! It was so good- we went to The Hoxton, Holborn because they offer bottomless potatoes and Yorkshire puddings! result. After that we went to find a beer garden in a pub so the boys could watch the footy whilst Kim and I caught up over some Aperol’s outside.

It was such a gorgeous weekend and I feel super refreshed for this week now!

I made a vlog along the way too, so if you’d like to watch that you can do here.

What I wore:

John Lewis raffia slides

Uniqlo men’s linen short sleeved shirt

 All Blues gold hoops

Uniqlo mens sweatshirt

Realisation Par skirt

Prism London sunglasses

The Frankie Shop blazer

Weekday jeans in ‘Way’

Loewe Puzzle bag

Thank you so much for reading xx

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