double denim and a catch up

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double denim & a catch up

Hello you lot! I hope you’re all so well. Sorry I have’t been super active on the blog post front- I’ve been working away on lots of lovely projects and have struggled to find time. I promise there will be lots of things coming your way very soon.

In case you’ve missed our announcement, Lizzy and I started a podcast! It’s called ‘Things you can’t ask yer mum’ and we launch episode 3 today which is all about friendships, loneliness, making friends as we get older, toxic friendships and how to cope with being the only single one in a group of pals.

We wanted to create something that relates to absolutely everyone in some way, so we asked you lot across our platforms to send in those burning questions you had that might be hard to ask…yer mum! and we answer all the questions from grief to sex, drawing on our own expereinces. Think of us as your older sisters/ agony aunts! Anyway, we are absolutely loving doing it and are so excited that so many of you are enjoying it, so much so that you sent us straight to number 1 when we launched! We’re working with entale, which is an app that lets you listen and see photos of people and things we are talking about too! it such a great experience to listen this way, plus, entale just won a Webby award for being extra cool. You can find us by searching ‘Things you can’t ask yer mum’ across all the usual places.

I also wanted to tell you that I’ve fallen in love with a denim brand called Goldsign, that I hadn’t tried before. It’s a premium denim brand so the price is up there! and they were kind enough to invite me into the showroom to have a good old try on. I honestly tried on around 20 pairs, all in different shapes but settled on 3 shapes that work best for me. Hailing from LA, it’s the ultimate cool denim brand and I absolutely love their process too- they make everything on site in LA, and nothing is outsourced to minimise waste and their carbon footprint. The style I chose are called ‘The Benefit’ which are a slim, high waisted fit, and also work for a longer leg! hooray! Stay true to size with these. I also adore this jacket which is the right amount of oversized with slightly curved sleeves and flipping lovely buttons. Of course I wore the jacket and jeans together because I was desperate to wear both and couldn’t make the choice. The jacket is really up there in terms of price point so I’ll list some similar ones that I love too.

My shoes are from By FAR, and I’m their biggest fan. Effortless, barely there perfect heels throughout the seasons and boots for AW. Have a look if you’ve not seen them before- I’ll be wearing mine to weddings all summer long. They also launched bags which are amazing too.

The next thing I’m excited to show you are these earrings. They’re by a footwear brand (bear with me….) called aeydē that I’ve loved for such a long time and they have brought out the most beautiful collection of jewellery and I don’t know how it passed me by, until now! These are the 18k gold plated Luna earrings, they are a little heavier than I’m used to but I absolutely love the way they look and will be wearing these for some fancy weddings I’ve got coming up this next month.

That’s all from me today! Thank you for bearing with me. The links the things I’ve showed you are below incase you fancy a look:

Goldsign jeans

Goldsign jacket- premium price have listed alternatives for you

ASOS oversized washed black denim jacket

Warehouse boyfriend denim jacket

By FAR shoes

aeydē earrings

Have a brilliant week and I’ll be back soon! thank you so much for reading xx

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