racer back vests and why you need one

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racer back cami’s

Hello you lot! I hope you’re all so well and that you had a great weekend. I slept TERRIBLY the entire weekend so I feel like a zombie who’s only vice in life is coffee. I’m sure it’ll pass! I bet its because I’m trying to wrap my brain around the process of moving house. They do say its one of the more stressful events in life, don’t they?

I shot this look last week when we had exactly 1 day of sunshine, I got lucky.

I’ve been wearing this racer back cami so much recently, whether with or without a top over it. It looks great on it’s own or under an oversized shirt or blazer too. This one is comfortable, great quality and nice and fitted. It also comes in at under £30 and I’ve worn it so much, it’s always in the wash!

The jeans are my pride and joy- I love the barrel leg shape on them so much. They’re by Weekday and I would say to go up by one size to get the perfect shape on your leg. Last Summer I missed out on some old Céline leather slides and I haven’t been able to track them down since. These ones are by Arket and remind me so much of the Céline ones- I love how chunky they are. They’re really comfy and soft too.

Photography by Ollie Ali.

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Weekday Lash soaked jeans- go up by one size for a baggier look

Arket leather slides

A short and sweet one from me today in the midst of packing, and organising for our new house! but I’ll be back soon with more styling blog posts. Thank you so much for reading xx