feeling out of sorts

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feeling out of sorts

Hello you lovely lot! I hope you’re all so very well. Sorry, again, that there hasn’t been much to read on here for a couple of weeks. I’ve been feeling a bit funny, a bit out of sorts and I think my hormones are to blame. I haven’t felt like writing, editing, or working in general to be honest. Instagram could not be further away from my priority and neither could making videos for YouTube. And whilst I hate going through lull’s like this, that’s okay. We all feel withdrawn from time to time and I suppose it’s how we treat ourselves that matters in all of this.

I usually struggle with my hormones 1-2 weeks before my period is due. Some months I get off lightly and others feel like a sticky glue that I can’t get out of. I’ve actually had a great run recently and have had nothing more than a blip of feeling a bit emotional but alas, my reign over hormones has come to an end and I just thought it might be nice to write it all down, incase you guys can feel similar from time to time.

In a time where our lives are pretty much dictated (as much as we would protest) by social media regardless of whether you’re an influencer or not, it can be a really hard place to be, and to work, when you’re feeling in a funny place. The last thing I want to do is to show my life online when I’m feeling this way- the slightest thing can set me off into a tailspin of worry, whether that’s falling into a comparison trap or feeling bad about missing the gym, social media has a lot to answer for. But in that same breath, if we know that being online affects us in a negative way when we are feeling particularly naff, then we should try to manage that and come away from it as an act of self preservation. Easier said than done, I know.

This conversation feels like it happens daily on social media, especially for those working within it all hours of the day, but it’s an important one because anything that affects our metal health negatively, should be talked about until nobody is scared to talk about it again.

A few things I have done to try to keep busy in a good way:

-Make sure I see friends, as much as I want to stay at home on my own, friends always make me feel better.

-Music! listening to my favourites always lifts my mood. I like to listen to the Spotify discover playlist that they put together based on your taste in music.

-Be creative. Even though it feels like the last thing I want to do. I went and bought lots of new magazines for inspiration.

-Watch crap rom com’s on Netflix. Even if you’re not fully loving it, a rubbish one is always funny.

Aside from feeling a bit blue this last couple of weeks, I have had a lovely time too! These photos were taken on an overnight trip to Chewton Glen with my pal Rocky of Roxanne First who I launched my jewellery collection with last year. Hunter boots took us and it was the most beautiful experience. I couldn’t have needed the fresh air, lush green forest or beach, more! I also realise how lucky I am to have these things offered to me as part of my job and I will never not be blown away by this.

Thank you for being here and please remember to look after yourself. The world won’t thank you for being sad and putting on a brave face. And in all honestly, Instagram does not care if you disappear for a while to give yourself some space. Sending all love. xx