big vintage blazers and how to find them online

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shopping for vintage blazers online

Hello you lot. I hope you’ve had such a great weekend, long or otherwise- May is the BEST for long weekends. What a treat!

I’m here to show you my new vintage Balmain blazer that cost me £567859…..I’m kidding. It was £20 on eBay and I think I made the purchase of my year.

You can honestly find the most amazing pieces online, and for such little money. Places like Etsy and eBay are where it’s at for real bargains, but there are a couple of online stores that I love. One is The Level Store and the other Retold Vintage. Keep your eyes on their Instagram stories as they announce when the next drops are and you have got to be READY as it’s like getting a Glasto ticket. You’ll pay a little more than £20 per blazer because it’s a curated edit- and who doesn’t want that.

It can be tricky to find the perfect blazer but I think I’ve worked out a good formula for shopping for vintage blazers online. I’m a size 8 or 10 and I’m 5’11. So for a start, it’s always best to shop for a men’s blazer so you get that broad shouldered, oversized look. Ain’t nobody into a fitted blazer.

I try and go for a size 40” or 42” chest UK size, or if they’ve listed it as a size, then large. And voila! The size should be perfect. I mean, I do look like I’m wearing James’ suit jacket after getting chilly during the night do at a wedding but I’m rolling with it.

Good luck with the hunt and please let me know if you find any treasures! xx