greece on film

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greece on film

Hello you lot! I hope you’re all so well. Ive been wildly M.I.A recently on a count of holiday! I took some proper time away and absolutely loved it- I must say though, I’ve found it tough to throw myself back into work now I’m home!

I went to Greece to gatecrash my parents annual Greek holiday in Ixia, which is just outside Rhodes. I spent 4 days soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea at 7am before breakfast and laughing loads with mum & dad. it was absolutely the tonic that I had craved. I’m lucky to travel often for work but nothing beats a full unplug with friends and family for me.

I just wanted to share these images with you because I love how they’ve turned out and I love looking back over them.

I’ll be back with a style edit this week, thank you so much for reading xx