weekly style edit iiii

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weekly style edit iiii

Welcome to the Weekly Style Edit No.4! I am so happy you guys are enjoying these edits as much as I enjoy sourcing for them!

This week I’ve delved into a tumblr hole and come up with some looks that make me feel excited to get dressed. It really is the best source of inspiration

So I have a jumper just like this- I bought it before I saw this image and now I’m feeling very smug. I got mine in the men’s section on ASOS Design. It’s so comfortable. I’m a UK 8/10 and I bought a size mens large. I’ve been wearing it with skirts, over mini dresses, denim shorts, heels, you name it. A real 80’s throwback.

There’s never a bad time for a cream suit. I love the tones in this one, and how it’s oversized but fitted and tailored so well at the same time. Now where is my yacht, and where are my loafers…..

I’ve put some options below for you- they aren’t cheap, but good tailoring isn’t!

And because I’m halfway to Italy, here’s a big ol’ nod to summer with this failsafe summer daytime/boating look. This is such an easy one to wear and to recreate with what you’ve already got. But just incase you haven’t- I’ve found the best bits for you!

*All images sourced from Tumblr.

As always, thank you so much for being here. I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks style edit. Have a brilliant week ahead. xx

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