weekly style edit 6

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weekly style edit 6

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all very well. I’ll start by mentioning how HOT it’s been because I wouldn’t be British if I didn't…I hope you’ve all enjoyed the heat/ have had ice packs and fans at the ready.

This weeks weekly style edit has yours truly in some of the images because I’m really enjoying these looks in particular, and they aren’t difficult or expense to re-create.


This week, a pair of shoes so beautiful I can’t stop wearing them arrived at my door. These incredible mules are by my long time favourite in chic design, Dear Frances. Not only do they look so great with everything, they are so comfortable too. It’s all in the quality with Dear Frances, and Jane, the designer/director never gets it wrong. I’ve popped them here to shop for you- they sell out fast so if you miss out, drop the brand an email to pre-order.

Well look who it is in her own weekly style edit- the ego of it all! But seriously, I really love this look and feel it’s such an easy one to re-create so here you go!

Keeping it all white is the name of the game when the heat rises, light colours, milky tones and neutral palettes are my favourite. This is super simple, relaxed and looks really great. Here are my favourite options for recreating this look.

Look who’s back here! Head to toe in neutrals- a look I can’t get enough of recently. I cut off some Weekday ‘Row’ jeans that were the wrong length and made them into a longer length short and I love them.

Thank you so much for coming back to read this week’s weekly style edit! Have a great week xx