weekly style edit 7


weekly style edit 7


Welcome back to the weekly style edit, after a short break during Copenhagen fashion week. It’s good to be back! I hope you’re all so well.

I asked what you wanted to see over on Instagram, and most of you either wanted: transitional dressing or accessories I’ve worn and loved. So here I am with the bags I have used the most and would recommend to you lot. There are 4 bags that I use, to death!! I do tend to spend more than your average price on bags and they end up being luxury items because I want quality, and for the pieces to wear well over time.

This is the small Loewe Puzzle bag, and is my oldest purchase of the 4. I actually bought this, brand new on Vestiaire for about £400 less than the RRP. I loved it so much because it was navy blue too, which is hard to find but goes with everything.

I can fit the world and his wife in this bag- it’s deceptively big! I can get a couple of cameras, phone, make-up and keys in here with no bother. It also fits a standard size book inside too. I have worn this bag so much, and it’s lasted well over the last 3 years. The handle is now starting to wear but I think it’s because I’m an excessive user! I will need to take it into Loewe to be re-painted at some point I think.

This can be worn cross body or carried using the top handle so it’s great to have that option. It costs £1525. You can shop it here in black.

Next up is this incredible handmade knot bag by Elleme. You must have seen this bag so many times via the powers of Instagram. Elleme are a Parisian brand that are having a well deserved moment. I’ve used this non-stop over the course of the Spring/Summer and will continue to do so! I do love this bag but it is heavy before you start to fill it up, and if you don’t fasten the handle/clasp you’ll drop it! Don’t wear it with any transferable colours either…I spent some time stain removing some navy blue linen dye from the corners. Apart from that, it’s a keeper. This bag comes in at 340 euros. You can shop it here.

There’s another Loewe in my locker…I’m the biggest fan of Loewe bags. They wear well, are beautiful quality and are the chicest shapes. This is the biggest bag I own- and at first I struggled to get to grips with a larger bag. This is the large Loewe Hammock bag. Turns out, if you have a big bag, you’ll fill it! I absolutely love this bag. It’s the best shape, you can fit your overnight gear in but equally it can be made smaller by the zips at the sides. This has worn so very well and I would love to buy a smaller version in tan too. One day! this one is £1495 and you can buy it here.

Last but by no means least, is the newest in my collection and one that hasn’t left my arm for nearly 3 months. This is the large Grace Burberry bag - it’s sold out everywhere expect Farfetch now! I absolutely love this bag, I know that I’ve said that about all bags but seriously, these bags are the ones I pick up every single day. It felt good to find a bag by a brand I’ve not bought from before, and love it, not because I’d seen someone else with it but because I just thought it was the perfect black bag.

It’s patent leather, with details of gold and I love the length of the strap, it sits under your arm perfectly on your shoulder. It doesn’t have a longer strap but it’s different to my other bags in this way. I can also fit the world and his wife in here. There are no marks or scuffs on the bag even though I’ve worn it lots now too- a perk of patent leather! This one is £950 and you can shop it here.

Thank you so much for reading as always and I hope you’ve enjoyed this weekly style edit! xx

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