a catch up & new things

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a catch up & new things

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you’re all so well. Sorry I’ve been a bit quite on here lately- I haven’t felt like sharing much and that’s owing to feeling like I’m in a bit of a slump. I’m not sure with exactly what but overall, I’ve not felt like I’ve wanted to create anything, or be present online outside of a static Instagram post here and there. I think this is SO normal to feel this way from time to time, no matter what your job is, so just rest assured that it happens to everyone, and can happen at any time too! Sometimes there isn’t a reason, and that’s when I personally, like to blame the moon.

So I did what any woman who’s feeling a bit lack lustre does, and I bought something to help me find my flow. Before you judge me, I bought something that my job relies on, and that, is a new camera! I have read reviews for two cameras in particular TIRELESSLY, until I could work them both in my sleep without actually ever having held one. I finally took the plunge and invested in a Contax T2, it’s a very nifty looking point and shoot (I’m not here for a fully manual camera). It’s quite a heavy camera- the T stands for titanium, but it fits in all my handbags easily and is really lovely to hold when taking photos.

You never know what you’re going to get with film, and so I shot through a few rolls of Kodak Portra 400, took it to my local Snappy Snaps (or clicky clicks as I used to think it was called) and waited with bated breath for the results. Luckily, they came out perfectly, and I am so happy with them and the camera so far. I shot a few pieces I’ve been using/wearing a lot lately.

You can shop them below:

Anni-Lu pearl drop earrings

Chanel hand cream

Chanel ‘Les Beiges’ bronzer

Elleme bag

Hermine Hold hair clip

White sweater

& Other Stories white denim skirt

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the Weekly Style Edit. xx

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