Get outdoors with Nike Yoga

I've always been into working out. I find it helps to relax me in a way nothing else can. Whether it's a hard hitting cardio class or some re-balancing and strength in yoga, it's my greatest release. I've used the Nike Training Club app of the last two years or so now, I use it at home if I can't get to a class, and honestly? It always make me feel just as good as class does. Nike have recently launched Yoga workouts on the NTC app and I couldn't be happier! I've always struggled to find the perfect at-home yoga class, and the ones that Nike offer are in collaboration with some seriously inspirational people. In true NTC style, when I finish a yoga workout, I feel stronger, more flexible and relaxed. There are various levels you can try, so whether you're a beginner or advanced, they've got you covered.

I was so excited to work on this post with Nike because it fits with me so well already. I headed out to find somewhere beautiful and interesting to shoot this, and being outside and practising via the app as we were shooting felt so incredible. Even if there were a few runners and families out for walks going past every now and again!

I have always worked out in Nike training clothes, so I was excited to be asked to pick out some new kit to shoot it too. Nike training gear has lasted me years, it washes well, stands the test of time and never loses stretch- which is a big issue for me, especially in leggings.

You can download the app here, to try out or continue your yoga journey, but honestly, I couldn't recommend it enough. You can get your yoga kit here or shop mine below!

Nike Indy Modern sports bra

Nike Power Legendary high rise tights

Nike Just Do It 2.0 Yoga mat

Photography by Frances Davidson.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you go ahead and try the new Yoga feature!

This post was written in collaboration with Nike, but all views are absolutely my own.