GIRL Vs CANCER: for my best friend

I literally do not know where to start with this post. Mainly because I'm overwhelmed with love for that little brown haired girl in the head scarf: Lauren/Lozza/Lolli Mahon.

In the Summer of 2016, she was told "it's not good news".

Lozza was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The only thing I remember about that day, was that it was LONG. I was waiting by my phone for a text that said "All okay!" and it didn't come. As the hours after her appointment time passed, I knew what it was in the pit of my stomach.

The events that followed after the news were; I left the house wearing one sock on what felt like the longest overground journey of my life, and arrived to a pub filled with Lauren's friends and family, then alcohol, tears and laughter. I think they call it shock? I also remember that Lauren was very together, and looked really beautiful in her new shirt.

Depressed yet? Don't be.

It's been a really fucking uncertain road in terms of what to expect with the treatment, symptoms, timings, finance, work. Basically LIFE. Lauren is fighting the good fight, more than anyone I have ever known. Lauren has made everyone who loves her so incredibly proud by taking the cancerous bull by the horns and refusing to let it break her, because it won't, I promise you now. She's made of the toughest stuff, fuelled by love.

If you don't follow Lauren on social media; you need to. IT IS NOT A PITY PARTY (a clever name given to a WONDERFUL fundraising party we threw for her). Lauren shows you what it's like to be going through all the feels of Cancer. But the good stuff too! She's immensely positive and the most emotionally intelligent person I have ever met; I was saying to a mutual friend that with Lauren, you'd be hard pushed to get a word in edge ways when you're together but thats her therapy- letting her let it out is what we do, and she does that across her social media platforms and it is such an incredible, inspiring  journey to hold her hand on. I'd like you to hold her hand too.

So this shoot. Just a little somethin' somethin' Lauren hatched in her clever, creative brain to make sure she had some financial stability throughout the treatment process, because, you can't work, it's too gruelling on your body. A girl's got rent to pay, right?


I'm proud of mine, it says 'Fun Bags'. And my boobs are so tiny, the term 'Fun Bags' is actually hilarious. Not as small as Lauren's though. We always ask; HOW has this happened to the girl with no tits!?

You lucky lot can buy your very own via the links below….so grab your 'Jubblies' whilst they're hot:

Knockers Tee

Mammaries Tee

Lady Lumps Tee

Jubblies Tee

Fun Bags Tee

Follow my little Lozza on Instagram; she's doing cool, inspiring shit



And read her blog, it's gorgeous and again, full of inspiring and wonderful things