My dental journey: Braces with Ace Dental

Teeth! How many times do you hear another person say, “Oh I always notice nice teeth”? If I had a pound for every time I hear that sentence…and also, I am that person. I notice teeth and will always compliment a good set of nashers.

From a very young age, up until 12 years old, I sucked my thumb. I was what cruel children would refer to as ‘goofy’ as a result of this. To the orthodontist I went to start my journey into the world of train track, metal mouth; complete with alternating pink and blue rubber bands. I know, the coolness is too much.Fast forward eighteen years. and my bottom teeth have decided to make tracks, and move away from their beautiful straight line.

As a woman who lives online, I had started to notice what I liked to call my ‘snaggle tooth’ more and more. I decided that I wanted to do something about it. After such a wonderful whitening experience earlier in the year with Ace Dental in Kentish town, I spoke to them about my options. Fortunately, the job was straightforward and I required 3-6 months in a metal brace. The amazing things about this is that the wires are white/brackets are clear so are almost invisible unless you peer into my mouth, and that they work very quickly.

The process has been seamless, the team at Ace dental have been helpful throughout and reassuring at each appointment. The difference the brace has made to my teeth is huge!

Here's a little step by step of what to expect at each stage:

1. Photos taken.

2. Optragate is the soft flexible material to keep your lips out of the way so it keeps everything dry and easier for the dentist to work.

3. Teeth are cleaned with a non oil based paste so that the brackets can stick to the teeth.
4. The teeth are then treated with a self etch primer and bond to prepare the teeth for the brackets to stick to. The blue light simply activates it.
5. The brackets are pre placed into a transfer  plastic material by the laboratory who can accurately determine the right position of the brackets on the teeth.
The brackets are then glued to the teeth and blue light used to set the material.
6. The plastic transfer material is removed to leave the brackets behind.
7. The first wire is placed and little rubber elastics are used to fix the wire to the brackets.
8. The ends of the wire are cut to prevent them digging into the cheeks.
9. A little filling is placed on the back teeth (acting like a door stop!) to stop the top teeth from breaking the brackets.

I’ve popped a couple of images in so you can see the difference it has made to my teeth, so I’m sorry for the intrusive images of the inside of my mouth!

I also thought it would be helpful to create a short video to demonstrate just how easy it all has been. So feel free to watch that too.

If you’d like to chat to the team, do give them a call or pop in because they’re fab and would love to help you. If at any point you would like to consider dental work at Ace, you can mention that you read my recommendation and they will give you a lovely £200 off your treatment. Click here to find out where they are.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this has been helpful to you.