My favourite things


Hello you lot! I hope you’re having the best week, and have some great Bank Holiday plans ahead. I wanted to write something a little different for you today, and share some of my favourite things. These are things that I’ve loved forever, and will continue to do so, or that I’ve found recently and fallen in love with!

Jungle magazine is one of my favorites, it’s the one I buy most often. I love how beautifully edited everything is, and how the images inspire me so much when I’m feel less creative than usual. I love this cover so much, I’ll try to keep it forever. Long live print!

These hoops are by Maria Black  and are new in my jewellery collection. I absolutely adore them. Theyre super lightweight, and so beautifully made.

Buy the hoops: Maria Black gold plated hoops

This little pile, is a collection of interested things I’ve collected over the past year or so. An invitation, a female form print and some images I love. I find this is such a good way to stay inspired. They all live on my fire place in a higgldy piggledy stack.

Of course jewellery would feature in this post. Don’t worry, I’m working on a full post dedicated to my jewels for you as I get asked about it a lot. The pieces I wear are really important to me, and all have a story or sentimental value.

My number 1 scent at the moment is this incredible one from Le Labo, if only you could smell it! It’s called Another 13, and my lord its good. I love a more masculine fragrance and Le Labo always nail that for me.

Buy the smell: Le Labo Another 13

I picked up this print two seasons ago during Copenhagen Fashion Week from a design store. I brought it home and spent the most I’ve ever spent on having something framed properly. It’s one of my favourite things in my house. My advice would be, to go to design museums and buy interesting posters to frame, and they’re really inexpensive.

I couldn’t live in a house without candles! This is looking like a candle graveyard at the moment, but don’t fear, more are on the way! I like masculine smells in my home too, I've popped my most used ones below for you.

Buy the candles:

Byredo Tree House

Beauty pie Ambre Santal

Diptyque Fuguier

My wonderful mirror is by House Doctor. I love the warm tones and how big it is. It opens up space in my front room and makes for a lovely sight if you’re hungover and pale!

Buy the mirror: House Doctor mirror

Reading is really important to me, It’s time I get to detach and switch off from my busy brain and really rest. I’m reading ‘This is going to Hurt' by Adam Kay. I loved the idea of this book because of my NHS background. Adam writes openly, and emotionally about his time in the NHS from Junior doctor to Registrar in diary form, he is amazing and this book is absolutely incredible.

Buy the book: This is going to Hurt

Thank you so much for reading and see you back here on Monday with something new xx