My skin journey with The Private Clinic of Harley Street

To share this with you, I've had to sit myself down and write, then re-write what I've wanted to say a few times. Putting your naked, spot ridden, marked and patchy face all over the internet isn't something that would make anyone feel particularly good, right? But I've decided to do it anyway because basically, my face is no longer making me cry every time I catch my make-up less face in the mirror and I wanted to share with you how I got to this place, because it seems as though every other woman I talk to, is struggling with the same thing. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had about how unhappy bad skin is making people. I'm sure I could vouch for 80% of the skincare brand market when I say, nothing works. I've been there, I've spent hundreds of pounds. Since I came off the contraceptive pill around 6 years ago, due to migraines, my skin has gone down the pan. I got adult acne. But not your typical acne that spreads all over your cheeks leaving holes and divots as it goes. My acne appeared on my forehead and chin. Large areas would fill up with whatever it is, pus, I suppose, and be inflamed, red and so painful that it hurt to smile. I couldn't leave it alone, which always made it worse. I couldn't (didn't want to) leave the house because it had dented my confidence that much. When this is your job, and your face is part of your brand, that's tough to manage. I've had countless conversations with photographers about editing out the lumps and bumps on my face, and how I want everything to be unedited but then at the same time, I can't stand to look at the angry spots. So here's my before shots: be kind!

After taking steps towards seeing a dermatologist to discuss roaccutane, a very serious and heavy duty acne medication, I received an email inviting me to try an alternative option and one that I hadn't considered prior to this.

The Private Clinic of Harley Street are specialists in skin. I sent some photos of my bad skin to their dermatologist and they said they could help. My consultation was wonderful, my dermatologist Sarah couldn't have been more empathetic towards the crying, spotty woman sat in front of her willing the acne to disappear. My options were broken down step by step and each treatment explained fully. My questions were answered, and believe me there were many.

The treatment options that were recommended to me, as this part is tailored to your skin, was laser therapy (N-Lite) and chemical peels.

My treatment began with a laser session. This treatment is a little uncomfortable but, completely bearable, and is over in 20 minutes or so. Two weeks later I had my first chemical peel. If I'm being completely honest, it burns but it doesn't last too long and settles nicely. Post peel I was red but like I'd been for a run, not a chemical peel! It stayed until the next morning but was easily covered with make-up. Three days post peel, my skin began to peel off around my chin and nose. I just kept it hydrated and let it fall off as that what needs to happen in order for it to work.

In total I had 3 laser sessions 4 weeks apart and 2 chemical peels. And here's how my skin was when we finished the treatment, and in all honesty, it just got better and the marks have faded even more.

The results have given me my confidence back. I'm not uncomfortable going bare faced and don't feel sad when I look in the mirror. The lasting effects of the treatment differ from person to person, you might not need treatment again, but for me, I'm going to have a maintenance top up laser therapy session every six months, as my spots have begun to return in the same problem areas. Honestly, I couldn't recommend this treatment more. The team were incredible, understanding and treat this problem frequently. If your skin is getting you down, book a free consultation to see if this treatment could be an option for you.

Contact the team here: The Private Clinic 

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to ask me any questions via Instagram stories @ropesofholland


*I was very luckily given this treatment in return for coverage of my experience. My views and thoughts are 100% my own and I would not endorse something that I did not wholeheartedly believe in.