Workspace Ideals at home

So for those of you that don't know; I'm a Physiotherapist as well as running Ropes of Holland. It's kind of like two full time jobs, so I'm lucky enough to be able to dip in and out of Physiotherapy. When I'm doing more blog than Physio, my home is my office. I've only recently realised just how important it is to create a space that inspires you when you're working from it- If I was unhappy at home, I can assure you, I'd be less than unproductive, busing myself with making endless cups of tea or rearranging my sock drawer... I can safely say, after a few months of pinning, planning and designing, that my home and workspace is my favourite place to be.

Largely in thanks to Westelm, who have absolutely transformed the way I feel about working from home. I wanted to show you my workspace, and not just my desk area, because for me, my work space goes beyond just a desk; its the way I feel about being here and being able to crash almost anywhere I feel like it with my laptop on my knee.

My new tan leather love seat is the perfect place to curl up and get productive. It's the first time I've really thought about a sofa, and owned my very own! It is so beautifully made, and is already wearing well. There's also 20% off at the moment too! Obviously, a sofa needs accessories… so enter these amazing emerald velvet cushions and their giant partner the Mongolian lamb cushion which is the softest thing in the world!

To add some style, and protection against my clumsiness around hot or cold drinks, I chose these cool hexagon stone coasters. I love seeing the scattered around!

Lastly, I've always wanted a wide floor mirror. Every women needs one, we need to see every option in full when outfit planning. I deliberated over a few different styles, and finally settled on this metal and wood trimmed one which feels a bit industrial, and I absolutely adore it.

The process of making my home feel inspiring to me, has taught me that you can't cut corners when investing in quality furniture,  these pieces should last me for years to come and thats such a great feeling.

You can shop everything below, and don't forget to sign up to the Westelm newsletter to find out about their amazing sales and discounts.

Axel leather love seat

Emerald velvet cushion

Mongolian lamb cushion

Stone hexagonal coasters

Metal trimmed floor mirror

Photos by @Mari_Fish via Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading.