Teeth Whitening that works: Enlighten at Ace Dental, London

A month or so ago, I was given the very wonderful opportunity to do something about the colour of my teeth. Now, I've got decent teeth, that weren't particularly stained or yellow, but who doesn't want a brighter smile? I went along for my consultation for the Enlighten whitening treatment with the wonderful team at Ace Dental. The guys there made me feel so comfortable, explained the process clearly and the setting is really cool too- it doesn't feel like a dentist at all.

I want to break to process down for you so you know how it works out- it's not an overnight job but the results at the end are worth it.

Stage 1: Moulds made of your teeth for your trays to use at home Use of Enlighten serum, which replaces your usual toothpaste, to rebuild enamel and desensitise teeth for 2 weeks

Stage 2: Collection of trays and teeth whitening solution kit, which includes 10% strength peroxide and 14% strength peroxide, desensitisation sticks (to rub on teeth if you feel any sensitivity)

Stage 3: 1 week of sleeping in your trays (which is really comfortable) with the 10% strength peroxide inserted before you place them on your teeth 1 week of sleeping in your trays with the 14% strength peroxide in before you place them on your teeth The Enlighten serum is an actual God send in this stage of the process, I missed using it for a few days and my goodness I felt the sensitivity. As soon as I started to use it again, the same day, the sensitivity disappeared. So even if you're prone to sensitive teeth, as I am, you shouldn't have any problems.

Stage 4: In-house whitening treatment Up to x 2 sets of 30 minutes done in one session I only needed 1 x set of 30 minutes as my teeth responded so well to the solution

Stage 5: Dazzling smile

At the beginning of this post I mentioned that my teeth weren't particularly discoloured. But now I've seen the end result, I couldn't have been more wrong. It's actually given me a much needed confidence boost when smiling, because I usually don't 'do' a toothy smile. I can't thank the clinic enough for their care and for the end result.

Please do get in touch with the team at Ace Dental if you have any other questions, they are incredible and would be happy to help you. Thank you so much for reading.
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