48 hours in Copenhagen

Late last week I was whisked off to my favourite city of all time, Copenhagen, on two different work trips, that ended up being one day apart. It was no less than 24 degrees the entire time too, and this idiot didn’t pack any sandals.

On the Wednesday I was a guest of the incredible Scandi brand Samsøe & Samsøe as part of a new relationship with them. My agency look after their PR, so my wonderful team were out there with me and it was just a dream.

We were picked up in the chicest cars, loaded with fresh pretzels for us, and taken to the Samsøe showroom to meet the team, and to get fitted for the show that would take place that evening. I think this was actually my first fitting, so that was mega for me. I’d chosen a few pieces in advance of arrival but we were told to take whatever we loved from the showroom- as you can imagine, I was in my element.

Outfit chosen, we were taken to the very cool Hotel SP34 to check in, freshened up and get ready for the show and then dinner.

The show was amazing, the theme was Downtown New York so the vibe was super relaxed and the pieces in the collection were amazing.

After the show, we all attended a dinner in the most amazing space, flooded with sunlight, in a canteen set up. There must have been over 100 people at this dinner, it was crazy but amazing!

The next morning we were taken back to the showroom, this time to make our selections from the collection we had seen at the show, ready for the drop in January. They gave us all different coloured hair bands to pop on the hangers of the items we wanted to order, like a colour code. I obviously loved that.

From here we were taken to the palace, by the water where boats came in convoy to take us all to Christiania to explore for a couple of hours. What a place; if you don’t know anything about it, in a nutshell, it’s the ‘free town’ and is not managed by the government or police, they hate the police! They manage all crime themselves, and marijuana is legally sold in little pop up markets, we walked through and its just there!

We then loaded back onto the buses to be taken to lunch in a really beautiful location.

At this point my time with Samsøe ended, and my car arrived to take me onto the next part of my trip, as a guest of Baum Und Pfertgarten- an amazing Danish brand. On this trip, were all my mates from home so I was so excited- Lizzy, Monikh & Brittany. I arrived slightly late, but to the Baum showroom where we were to meet the team, have the most amazing cakes and natural wine, and once again, choose our looks to be worn over the couple of days. (My flipping suitcase weighed a tone coming home!).

There was the sweetest little puppy at the showroom, called Terry and he was beautiful. The Baum team announced that he needed to be walked, so we should all walk him together down to the water, by the palace, where I’d been earlier that day. The sun was baking and it was so nice to be sat outside, all together, drinking wine, with Terry the puppy!

We were taken to the hotel, Hotel Sanders, and my god, it was beautiful and the bed was massive and the room was just so chic. There was a couple of hours to relax, try on our looks before dinner so I basically sat in the dressing gown eating a bar of chocolate with the windows wide open so I could look out onto the street.

Dinner was insanely good, an Italian, Magia, that I’ve never been to before. Baum always go there as a tradition so they wanted to keep it like a family dinner. We had 4 courses, 2 of which were pasta, so we all rolled home!

The next morning we had a little group breakfast, and then were collected for a day at the National Museum of Copenhagen where we were given a mini tour which was super interesting. The museum is amazing so you must visit if you’re off to Copenhagen soon.

After a sharing plate lunch, and more cake, we headed off to the airport for a weekend back in London at home. This trip really was incredible, the Danes do it SO WELL, and I never want to leave Copenhagen when I’m supposed to.

I feel incredibly lucky to call this work, and to work with some absolutely wonderful brands and people.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back on Monday with something new for you xx