A day at home in Manchester with Olympus

A couple of weeks ago, the wonderful Olympus team invited me back to my stomping ground in Manchester to shoot something a bit special. I grew up in Stockport, which is a small Town, and my closest city was a ten minute train to Manchester, beautiful Manchester!

The guys at Olympus know how proud I am of my North West heritage and wanted to work on something that captured not only my ‘roots’ but to also be able to demonstrate tat you categorically do not need to be in London, or the Maldives to capture wonderful content, blogger or no blogger. James came along so he could be introduced to the EPL-8 camera, and gain a better understanding of how to capture great content and what comprises a great shot. We wandered around a (rainy) Manchester, particularly the Northern Quarter, which I know like the back on my hand, regardless of getting both James and I lost on the wrong shuttle bus….

There is so much I love about Manchester, that I could be here all day telling you about it. The shoot took a very industrial route which was exactly how I’d imagined it. Manchester is a strong, tough cookie city and the community is like no other. Red brick, gloomy alley ways, and derelict buildings that houses a 60’s vibe were what we captured and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you now.

Jay McLaughlin captured all images and talked us through step by step which was SO helpful. Especially as James has already come into his own on the photography front now.

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Thank you so much for reading.