A Happy New Year thank you

Hello you lot! Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had an absolutely gorgeous rest over Christmas and New Year. It always go by in a flash doesn't it! I'm nursing a hangover today even though I didn't drink that much. The injustice.

I wanted to thank you all so much for your constant support over this past year. It's been my first year of freelance life and it hasn't been without bumps, but I feel so lucky to be able to do this as my full time job, and none of it would have been a success without you all. Really. I've had the longest think over the festive break about what I want to work towards over the next year, I've not guilt tripped myself into thinking "I must do better", rather "It must make me happy" and I think that's a good way to look at things. Let's leave putting pressure on ourselves in 2017 and push forward for happiness, however you may find it.

A couple of things I want to do more of:

Making more style related videos on my YouTube channel this year. I've realised that making film really does make me happy and allows me to really be creative. I already vlog weekly, but if you'd like to see more and you haven't subscribed yet then you can subscribe to see what I get up to here: Lindsey Holland YouTube Channel

I would like to travel where I can, as long as it doesn't steal time away from the people I love. I learned last year that I am allowed to be picky about when and where I go and that I can say no if it isn't best for me. Traveling is where some of my greatest inspiration comes from so if I can soak it all up like a little sponge and create something I'm proud of, then thats wonderful as long as it's not at the expense of my health/wellbeing or taking time away from loved ones.

It's okay not to have goals, though, I haven't set any timelines or anything in stone that would make me feel pressured or stressed. I just have an idea of what makes me happy and I want to do more of that. You should too, whatever that is, make it a priority.

Thank you again so much and I'll leave you with one of my favourite comfy outfits.

You actually cannot beat some knitwear and denim. The combination is solid, and cannot be broken. I shot this look for Shopbop, and wanted to share it because it's so easy but I love that each piece is a little bit interesting too. The neck on the knitwear, and the fleck in the colour. Then the jeans, you all know how much I love denim. Re/done are honestly, some of the best fitting jeans I've ever found. Their price point is higher, yes, but I have paid and would pay it again. They wear and wash well, no saggy bottoms or knees after 3 wears. And I love the vintage shape they are modelled on. You can absolutely find some in the sale over Christmas too. But I've linked this exact pair below for you. Size down by one size because they come up big.

Oh and PS, Joe & The Juice make the best coffee and I will not move on that opinion!

Shop the look:

Joie knit

Re/done straight jeans


Photography by Michaela Tornaritis  

Thank you so much for everything xx