A look at my jewellery collection

After many questions and requests about my jewellery, I’ve finally put together a bit of a map for you all. Jewellery for me is more important to me than any other accessory. It tells a story, a story of lots of different sentiments, love, family and amazing memories. Of course, there are pieces I own because I just love them, but they have to slot in and around the pieces I wear every single day, the pieces that I shower, sleep and be myself in. I have always loved experimenting with jewellery in some way as I was growing up, whether that was layering my nana’s beaded necklaces or trying to find things that my friends weren’t wearing. A 9 carat gold ring was always the top of my Christmas list, too.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s something that I’ve really developed an eye for. When I say ‘eye’ what I mean is expensive taste. Seriously though, I’m a bit of a fuss free woman, I want things to be sustainable, to be worn everyday and not get ruined, or tarnish. So now, I only wear fine jewellery. Fine jewellery doesn’t have to break your bank though, you can find solid gold pieces of jewellery for a couple of hundred pounds, and not have to replace it after four showers because the gold has worn away.

I’ve found some amazing brands that do gold plating so well, too. Seriously gorgeous pieces that wear very well, shower and all.

As I’m writing this, I’m suddenly realizing that I wear a lot of jewellery! My friends know me for it, as do you lot! I like my pieces to be different to what everyone else is wearing and I think that’s really important to me. To be honest, there are only a handful of brands you can shop here because I suppose most of my pieces are vintage and from my family.

Mum's gold bracelets

She bought these in Turkey. We used to go every year on a family holiday and I always remember being in a jewellers every trip with mum and dad! Mum wore these everyday in her 30’s. They are both solid gold and the little buckle detail one has a blue sapphire on it. She only uses to wear yellow gold that was chunky. Mum and I have the same hands, which are actually fairly big so we both like something a bit heavier and chunkier on our wrists.

Dad’s wedding ring- gold square signet with a diamond chip

Dad had this cut off when he had a motorbike accident and broke his wrist. Mum complained and told the doctor at the hospital not to cut it off…I think she’d have rather he have his hand cut off! It sat on top of the microwave in my parents kitchen for years, cut through the middle of the ring area. I remembered it was there, rendered a bit useless, and I wanted to have something of dads’ the way I have mum’s bracelets. I thought that the dent in the middle of the signet was due to the accident, but in fact, it happened during a football match my dad was playing in when someone on the opposite team stamped on dad’s hand! Brutal. A talented jeweler friend(Kirsty of Crux London) polished, and repaired it to my size so I can wear it every day.

Gold swirl ring

Many moons ago, I used to work part time in a Pandora store when I was at University. I know, absolutely not my usual taste but we are where we are. I’ve always been into yellow gold, and yellow gold in Pandora was solid 14 carat, and was so flipping expensive, especially for this student. This ring had haunted me for about a year, and I could never afford it. When I finished my degree, I bought the flipping ring as a treat to myself for completing such a bitch of a degree and feeling really proud of myself. I haven’t taken it off since, and might not ever. They don't have my exact ring but they do have some other simple gold ones left here and they're in the sale.

Laura Lee pinky ring

This was a very kind gift from Laura Lee jewellerywhen she launched the new flaming heart design and the opportunity to have something engraved on the underside of the ring. My nana, Edna, who is wonderful, always used to say “Never mind little rose” to me whenever something was hard, or sad. So that’s what it says underneath my signet ring.

Astley Clarke diamond cluster ring

What can I say? I hit my 30’s and developed a taste for diamonds. This is under heavy influence by my mum, who has wonderful taste in jewellery, and well, everything really. So she’s only got herself to blame. Astley Clarke are one of my favourite online destinations for great designs with diamonds that don’t cost the earth. This ring was kindly sent to me, and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s wonderful quality and super sparkley, and is from their new collection which is available online now. Shop it here.

By Alona rainbow signet

A new entry into the ring category is this gold signet ring from By Alona, as part of a collaboration with the wonderful Bettina Looney. It’s 9carat gold and details a rainbow of stones which are 2 rubies, 2 orange sapphires, a yellow sapphire, 2 tsavolite stones, 2 blue sapphires and an amethyst. I absolutely love this modern take on a signet and I won’t be taking this off!

Maria Tash earrings

My affinity for diamonds started in my ears. I’ve always been partial to a piercing and have had so many in my ears, my belly button, and my nose over the years. The second I was introduced to Maria Tash, who is a pioneer in piercing with fine jewellery, was the day that I decided I needed to swap out all of my old earrings for diamonds and opals. I have one diamond hoop that my parents bought me for my thirtieth birthday, and then I bought myself a gold hoop with a baguette diamond on whilst celebrating in Vegas for the same birthday with my best friend. There’s another hoop in that ear and its opal because my nana Edna had a huge opal and diamond ring that I used to wear and play with growing up, and actually I remember she sat me down once and asked me choose a piece of her jewellery that I would like to have when she passes away, and I chose the huge opal. Of course I did. The gold chains are also by Maria Tash, but they were ‘just because’. Shop Maria Tash online in the UK here.

Lindsey name necklace in Arabic

My parents friend, Nev, used to work in Saudi a lot, so when I was born my dad asked him to bring back a necklace with my name on, and one with mum’s, Sue. Mum’s snapped a long time ago and because it’s a solid 24 carat gold chain, with no links, they were unable to repair it. Mum still has hers but doesn’t wear it. My parents would always let me look at my necklace in it’s beautiful red suede pouch, but wouldn’t hand it over to me until they felt I was responsible enough to look after it. It now never leaves my neck. We are both 30 years old.

Snake chain necklace by Pernille Corydon

I am such a huge of of this brand. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them a number of times now and I absolutely love what they do. This snake chain is reminiscent of a vintage feel and I love how it catches the light all layered up with my other necklaces. Shop it here- out of stock but similar still available.

Maanesten gold pendant necklace

Kindly gifted to me whilst in Copenhagen with Baum Und Pfertgarden. One of the team from Baum was wearing it in a slightly different style and I asked where I could find pieces like it, and before I knew where I was, it appeared at my hotel and I’ve been in love ever since! I sleep and shower in this too. Beautiful quality. Shop online here.

Photography by Frances Davison.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that's answered everything for you. I would love to know about your jewellery and why it's special to you? xx