A scrunchie; the resurgence

Now then, yes that's a scrunchie. We all had one at one time or another, some as toddlers, some through to high school. I need to admit to you now that when I first saw them creeping back into hair, I might have frowned about it. However, I saw Ganni show with them in Copenhagen during fashion week and I am so sold. I've really loved experimenting more with my hair lately: tying scarfs around my messy bun in low pony's, on holiday and even adding gold themed hair slides to a basic pony tail too.

It's not going to be for everyone, I know this. BUT, if you'd like to experiment too, then I'd suggest doing it with a basic outfit and a loose looking messy hair do, so you don't feel too 'done'. If you go on the notion of it feeling effortless, you won't go wrong. Plus, you could start your hair accessory journey with a black scrunchie if you're scared about it all.

I also need to tell you about these jeans. Now, you know what I'm like with denim. I love high street denim, because there are a handful of brands that do it so well. However, I tripped and fell into a store called 'Raey' which is Matchesfashion.com own brand and my goodness, they're absolutely perfect. The fit, the feel and the shape. They come in at £140, so more than I'd usually go to for denim but, they're pink too, so…investment for Spring.

I've put some basic outfit items and of course, the scrunchies, below:

Jeans options

Raey pink blush jeans

Topshop straight leg jeans

Weekday Voyage jeans


Ganni scrunchie

Topshop black scrunchie

Nasty Gal pink scrunchie

Basic T-shirts

& Other Stories basic white t-shirt

& Other stories pleated white t-shirt

& Other Stories high neck black t-shirt

Photography by Oliver Hooson

Thank you so much for reading xx

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