A weekend in Rome

I've just come home from possibly one of my favourite weekends ever. I turned 30 recently so James whisked me away to Rome to celebrate. I've never been anywhere as beautiful, interesting or cultural before and I honestly can't wait to go back. I wanted to share a mini weekend guide with you so you can get the best out of your stay too. And if you've never been, honestly, book it! Where to stay:

Do your research, go for location over beauty! We stayed at Palazzo Dama which couldn't have been more well placed. It is a beautiful luxury hotel and we stayed because it was my birthday, but neither of us would recommend it going forward.

Where to eat:

Ad Hoc- This was recommended to me by a friend I used to dance with. It was one of our favourite meals by far and was so affordable. It was set in wine cellar, complete with twinkly lights. They're famous for their truffles and their wine selection. The pasta was amazing, so was the cheese! Highly recommend.

Ristorante Il Pagliaccio- So, if you're wanting to do something special, this is your place. It was my 30th birthday whilst we were away so James booked us in here as a treat. We had the 8 course tasting menu and a bottle of wine. It was one of the most special dining experiences ever. But it will break your bank.

Gelato at Grezzo, Raw Chocolate- We had a couple of Gelato's during our weekend away and I think the trick is to try a few…our favourite one was in a raw chocolate place and honestly, it was out of this world! I had raw chocolate and hazelnut. My life will never be the same.

Urbana 47 Local Kitchen- The perfect spot to sit outside in the shade, have an afternoon snack and some great wine!

Pizza Re- Our driver recommended this little place to us, and it didn't let us down. Gorgeous pizza, gorgeous wine. Very cheap!

What to see:

Vatican tour- I don't think I've ever enjoyed group activity more. We booked on to a 3 hour tour of Vatican City, complete with earphones, and tour guide. I can't begin to express to you how much we loved this day. Bursting with history, fascinating facts and honestly, if you don't consider yourself to be a religious person, it simply doesn't matter, it's amazing anyway you look at it. Iv'e never seen so many incredible things in one place. The Sistine Chapel was really special too. BUT do not forget, you have to be covered over the shoulders and knees or you can't go in. This is where I ended up wearing 2 unattractive scarfs as a large sarong because I didn't do my research!

Colossuem- An amazing thing to see. We booked an 1.5 hour express tour and really, that's all you need. Don't book a 3 hour tour, you'll get bored!

Trevi Fountain- What a beautiful spot. I've always want to see this and it was, like everything in Rome, very beautiful. I couldn't tell you when the best time to go is, but we went at night and I have never seen bigger crowds in my life! I'd recommend trying early morning to beat the tourists.

What to wear:

This obviously depends on the time of year you go, we were there over the last weekend in July and it was 32 degrees every day. Which, didn't make light work of walking everywhere! If you're heading there soon, it's set to be a hot one, as they haven't had rain for the past 4 months. Make sure you chose a hotel that's close enough to allow you to walk everywhere, never miss an opportunity to walk because there is so much beauty to take in. This means, comfortable shoes…not gorgeous looking sandals that give you blisters, so pack your converse!

I lived in denim shorts and strappy tops during the day. Call me boring, but it was the only thing I could feel cool enough in!

I've popped the links to everything I wore here for you too:

Warehouse red bardot top

Warehouse striped cami

Levi's shorts

Senso sandals

Prada sunglasses

Urban Outfitters sunglasses, keep an eye out for them to restock 

Miu Miu slippers

Wood/Grey basket bag

All images taken on the Olympus PEN-EPL8 which was amazing!

Thank you so much for reading and do let me know if you have any other questions.