An Ibiza diary

I've just come home from two wonderful days in Ibiza. The magical side, not the party side, although, I did party too (!). I went along with some wonderful women as guests of the Sir Joan hotel to celebrate the launch of their new restaurant, Izakaya, within the hotel. I flew out a day later than everyone else so my trip was packed out for the two days. Day 1 for me was a boat trip! I absolutely love boat trips, if only I didn't get so sea sick. We live and (don't) learn. The boat took us to some beautiful parts of the island for the day and we were able to hop off, explore and have a beautiful lunch at Sa Calenta. We walked up a considerable hill, in sandals….I might add to see some ruins which was really cool and the view was incredible. On our way down to the boat after our hilly walk, we stumbled across a baby pink Cadillac, and it was beyond cool! Obviously, we all stopped a while to take photos. As we walked through to our boat, we had to go via some old boat houses. There was an elderly gentleman sat by his boat, and he looked calm, happy and took absolutely no notice of us. I took a photo of him as we left because there was something so wonderful about him being there, if you get that. He also had a cat who was hiding in some crates, and he was very cute, and I've never really been a cat person.

The same night, it was the opening party for the restaurant at the hotel. The team took us to the most beautiful restaurant to eat, except that it was hidden in the winding streets of the Old Town, behind an inconspicuous door. We were greeted by the friendliest staff. Inside, was an old two story villa that actually, used to be the chef's home (as well as the restaurant, his bed used to be upstairs, and food downstairs!). The chef was trained and Nobu, which is a really big deal. We had around six courses, each with a new wine, so you can imagine the sheer state of me once we left. It was amazing and I'd go back in a heartbeat. It was called Ibiza Food Studio.

On the walk back down to the hotel for the party, someone threw a bowl of old soap suds out of their window, guess who that landed all over. Absolutely hilarious, I was COVERED in white soap suds. Needless to say we were all hysterically laughing about it. I'm still laughing now. 

The party was amazing. The main party was downstairs in the restaurant/bar but by the time we arrived, the police had already shut it down three times due to noise so….they moved it to the penthouse suite, DJ, free drinks and all! So thats what we did- it was an amazing party. I even saw Richard Madden, (Rob Stark from Game of Thrones, incase you didn't know) so that was very cool! I literally crawled into bed at 5am but the hangover was worth it. It's often not, but this was so much fun.

I opted to get a midnight flight home the next day so I could have a day by the pool/ explore the old town. I managed the pool part, and then a dinner pre flight in the old town but lets just say I wasn't exactly full of energy!

I had the most amazing trip and would go back to Ibiza to explore more, and see more of the old town. If you're looking for a chilled weekend with the option of a party, this island couldn't be more perfect.

Thank you so much for reading. Check back on Wednesday as always to see something new! xx