Basic December burnout

Hi you lot! I hope you're all having a brilliant week this week. It seems everyone I talk to couldn't be more ready for a rest over the festive break. I always feel like that during this time of year; it's almost like everyone is working flat out to get to December because we know there's at least a few days where the entire world takes a break, which means, no emails…or so we hope!

I'm working flat out at the moment trying to make sure I've got plenty for you guys to read if you want to zone out of family board game time at home. This is my first December as a full time freelancer, and it's a strange feeling to navigate! I've never in my life not worked a Christmas Eve. Especially in my role as physio, because people need physio every day. I've worked Christmas Day, Boxing Day, the lot and every year I sank into a pit of anxiety because I knew I'd have to spend the time that I should be with my family, working.

This year, is very different. On Christmas Eve, James is taking me to the cinema to see Star Wars, and for a meal after and we're spending Christmas in Suffolk with his family, and seeing mine a couple of days later.

In all honesty, I've been ready to stop working since November. I don't know what's gotten into me this year, I'm just so ready for this rest. I can't wait to have some time totally off and away from London, knowing that my family are totally off too. My mum and dad have their own business and you'd think that was super flexible, but my dad works harder than anyone I have ever known and he's always saying "I'll slow down now I'm in my 60's" and that is yet to happen. So when I head home to Stockport to see them for Christmas, it's going to be proper family time.

I thought I'd pop on today to say keep going, you've not got long left to go before you get your well deserved rest. Make sure you look after yourself and try not to get worn out.

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Thank you so much for reading and take care! xx