Basics forever

Sometimes, basics can be so effortlessly good. Great, in fact. That’s how I felt when I saw this grey oversized knit in & Other Stories (which is where I seem to be spending a lot of time lately). I always used to stick to basics, maybe the safety of it all made me feel like if I could do basics well, then and only then would I branch out into some more extreme colour…i.e. this blog post about the most wonderful silk shirt I’ve ever seen. So it feels nice to revisit it.

I think for me, because I’m tall, the proportions work well here. Even if my dad did absolutely ridicule me for the turn ups on these jeans- which I happen to adore, Steve. I love slimmer lined clothes but I also think that an oversized, slouchy look can look just as wonderful and flattering.

I saw these jeans, and at first glance I thought they’d be super wide and unflattering, but once I tried them on, they were the only jeans I wanted to wear. I mean, with everything, from slouchy jumpers and a heeled boot, to a fitted cami and a heel. In fact, I love them so much, that most of the blog posts to come this week contain them, you’ll see!

I always absolutely love finding a piece that I can’t do without wearing, and as much as I love clothes, I haven’t had a piece like that in a while (my Loewe hammock bag is that piece, and will be forever more!).

Here are the links to shop my look if you’d like to:

& Other Stories wide leg jeans

& Other Stories grey knit

Dear Frances boots

Loewe hammock bag

Photography by Oliver Hooson

Thank you so much for reading xx