Beach bag packing

Ropes of Holland Collect Plus PackingRopes of Holland Collect Plus Packing Ropes of Holland Collect Plus Packing Ropes of Holland Collect Plus Packing Ropes of Holland Collect Plus Packing Ropes of Holland Collect Plus Packing Ropes of Holland Collect Plus Packing Ropes of Holland Collect Plus Packing Packing for a holiday is something I'm becoming better at. I'm lucky enough to travel frequently so my packing skills have to be on top form if I'm going to keep that suitcase under 23kg!

I recently jetted off to LA, and with the help of CollectPlus, managed to pack my beach bag impressively well! I did my usual trick of leaving a few things until the last minute, and this is where CollectPlus is a saviour. If you've never used CollectPlus before, trust me, you'll need to now. You can click and collect with over 350 retailers across the UK, and collect at over 6,000 locations which include petrol stations, supermarkets and convenience stores that are open early 'til late so even if you're working, you're covered! I'd have been a bikini and some sunglasses short otherwise.

I always try to carry my own style through to the beach; I've alway found this hard because you've not got many layers to play with! I found this incredible ribbed crop bikini in pastel yellow at ASOS. It fits unbelievably well and was under £20. I'm experimenting more with colour so a yellow bikini worked perfectly into how I wanted to feel. Next up, I needed a cover up; something to throw on that doesn't get stuck to your sun creamed body. This white cotton shirt from Weekday via ASOS was so perfect. It was light, cool and easy to throw on. I'm big into jewellery, so it's important for me to always have some of my favourite pieces on. I found these gold fan detail earrings on ASOS and thought they would work perfectly with a beachy hair back look.

These Ray-Ban sunglasses are probably the favourite in my collection. I took endless pairs of sunglasses on holiday but ended up wearing these most days. They are so light and fit really well. I can't stand a heavy framed pair when it's so hot, I swear they make you hotter! ASOS saved me with these. Two other things I wanted to mention that I'm wearing is a great moisturising lip balm by Burt's Bess and a solid Diptyque perfume to freshen up by the pool with, both from John Lewis click and collect.

You can shop my beach look below via the retailers that work with click and collect on CollectPlus:

ASOS bikini top and bottoms

Weekday shirt via ASOS

ASOS earrings

Ray-Ban sunglasses via ASOS

Burt's bees lip balm via John Lewis

Diptyque perfume via John Lewis

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I've given you a little inspiration for your holiday packing.


This post was written in collaboration with CollectPlus. All opinions my own.