Copenhagen Fashion Week: Asceno

It seems like so much time has already passed since I was swanning around in 28 degree heat enjoying everything Copenhagen had to offer this season as Fashion Week. It's always my favourite, and this season was no different, aside from a very poor choice to wear brand new shoes for a 10 hour day… I always go with Lizzy, who I know you all know! She's one of the best. And as usual, if you saw either of our Instagram stories, we spent most of our time in absolute hysterics. This is one outfit that made me feel so good, I loved everything about it, and will continue to wear now I'm home together and as separates. The amazing team at Asceno very kindly sent me this silk shirt, that can be worn as pyjamas (the world's best, might I add) or as outerwear. It launches at the end of August so keep your eyes peeled for it to drop!

The jeans, oh the jeans! I found myself, by way of accident…in the Joseph multi-brand sale. This is where my love affair with these Lemaire  jeans began, and now there's just no going back! For high end jeans, they're worth every single penny. Sale price was around £130, which I thought was reasonable, given that they aren't your average cut and they're perfect for my long legs. My shoes came from the same Joesph accident, a bargain and one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever, they're by Nicholas Kirkwood.

You can shop my look below, but you'll have to wait for the Asceno shirt!

Asceno shirt- coming soon

Similar jeans- Not online, pop into a Joesph multi brand store

Nicholas Kirkwood gold Zaha shoes

Earring by Alighieri

Necklace by Alighieri

I hope you loved this look as much as I do. Thank you, as always, so much for reading.