Copenhagen Fashion Week: Day 2

Let’s talk about Day 2 at CPHFW; It was single handedly my best Fashion Week experience to date. In a nutshell what I’ve found is, Scandinavian brands respect what I do. They understand that time is money and want to put in as much as you do into building a relationship.

We visited two showrooms on Day 2: Munthe and then Won Hundred. We arrived at the Munthe showroom first thing on the day of their show to be greeted by head of PR for well, the world! And she couldn’t have been more welcoming, even when clothes were being shipped out to the show space around us and a little general chaos, she was interested, engaged and excited to be talking to us about the brand, collection and the future. We drank coffee, laughed a lot and poured over the Munthe collection in the showroom. We chose our favourite pieces to take home, and it was all just such a wonderful morning. I can’t wait to show you what I chose…it’s all coming to Bali with me next month!

Next up was Won Hundred and my god, when I tell you how long my love affair has existed with them, you’ll know why I was almost breathless once we arrived (and it wasn’t just the flights of stairs…). Seven years ago, I bought my first Won Hundred piece, it was an £80 oversized, boxy white shirt with a pocket and a dipped hem. It’s still on rotation in my wardrobe and I’ll never part with it.

The new collection is absolutely incredible, and in my last post, I talked about falling for a splash of colour; it’s Won Hundred that did it! I fell in love with a racing red and racing yellow top/jumper/jacket.

The new collection is inspired by world champion speedway rider Oslo……… so think racing leathers, and you’re there. For those of you that don’t know, my dad rides motorbikes and every year we go away on a trip, me on the back, in leathers. So I understood this collection on another level, which was really, really cool for me.

The girls from the PR team looked after us so, so well. She was amazing to be honest and really took time to show us everything, let us try some pieces on and we felt so incredibly welcome.

The main event at Day 2 was the By Malene Birger show, followed by an intimate lunch for UK press. I mean, are you joking? We arrived at the show and it was bursting with our favourite bloggers, journo’s and street style photographers. My eyes couldn’t take in enough. My friend Katherine had already spotted my seat and sent me a photo of my name on the flipping FROW. Are you kidding me again!? So once I’d calmed myself down from arriving and then being seated, my pulse was set to race again as I literally died over every look that strutted past me on the catwalk. I can honestly say, I have never been to a show and been spoiled for choice like that, I adored every look. Even a bright pink and black striped shirt.

Later on at lunch, we were spoiled again, with a decadent setting of red roses and a gothic theme. There were such wonderful people at the lunch; we were sat next to the online Editor at Vogue and she was a dream, we chewed the fat about the industry and teased that she was bugged and sent to question us with intent. She wasn’t….

It was an absolutely blinding day at CPHFW and I’ll be back in Sept for next Season without a shadow of a doubt.

Shop my tailored look below:

Boxy blazer

Long cuff shirt

Camel trousers

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Gucci Bag

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Thank you so much for reading.


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