Double linen

I cannot tell you how lovely it felt to be away, exploring a new city, and away from the grey filled skies of London. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve now developed a travel bug whereby I feel the needs to exit London in some way at least once a month. This job allows me to do that, because the more I travel, abroad or otherwise, the more inspired I feel. That’s not to say that all travel is super glam, I have expressed previously how exhausting travel can be when you’re traveling for work. And I still stand by that.

On this occasion, it was more pleasure than business and I feel so happy and pretty lucky to be able to do this.

The first thing I diaried in once I knew Lizzy and I had booked our flights, was to make a Reformation order to greet me at the hotel as I arrived. I can’t help myself, I absolutely love it, and the fact that is super environmentally friendly and sustainable makes it even sweeter.

Last Summer I lived in my Ref dresses and I don’t feel this Summer will be any different. I chose one dress this time, the perfect mini daytime dress in a linen fabric; best worn with a flat slide sandal in a neutral colour or good old Converse.

Shop my look:

Reformation dress

Asceno linen shirt

Senso slides

Mango sunglasses

Thank you so much for reading and check back on Wednesday to see more of my Miami Spring looks in the hope that the UK weather shapes itself. xx