Dressing up a Tomboy

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I love getting dressed up for a night out. Even, as a self confessed Tomboy, I really enjoy choosing my outfit, deciding on hair and make-up, the lot.

What I used to struggle with, is dressing in a way that I was comfortable with for a night out dancing and drinking with the girls. Some women have it nailed- they know they love a slinky little dress, and what makes them feel sexy, but it's never been something that has come naturally to me. Cue, oversized dresses, some tailoring to nip me in and a long ol' bare leg.

I was the girl frantically running around every high street store imaginable in my late teens/early twenties, desperate for the perfect dress to jump out at me. Turns out, what I wanted back then, didn't exist. The high street only used to cater for the party girl in the party dress with the wonderful make-up and that's no dig, I wish I'd have felt comfortable being that girl, it'd have been much easier, but I just didn't.  Fast forward years of creating make-shift t-shirt dresses out of, well, big t-shirts with a belt (that were borderline pornographically too short!) and I've finally found my comfort zone. Lucky for us Tomboy's the highstreet/most places online do cater for us now, finally.

I shot this look last week and then wore it out with the girls on Friday night for dancing. I felt like myself, still sexy and comfortable and confident because I dressed for me and nobody else.

This huge, gorgeous t-shirt dress is from ASOS, and I won the Tomboy lottery when I found it. The jacket is & Other Stories and is the perfect companion to shape up a shapeless t-shirt dress. I always stick to the rule that my mum told me years ago "you either go chest out and legs covered, or vice versa" and I've never strayed away from this rule.

Shop my look below:

ASOS popper detail t-shirt dress

& Other Stories jacket

Dear Frances boots

Photography by Oliver Hooson

Thank you so much for reading xx

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