Edge of Ember: Supporting girls education in Africa

When I got this email through a couple of weeks ago, there wasn't any way that I wouldn't work on it. The wonderful people behind London based ethical jewellery brand, Edge of Ember are doing something quite special. They have designed an exclusive collection that will be sold throughout November in order to raise awareness, and money for Camfed; the Campaign for Female Education. All proceeds will go to Camfed who will educate, support and empower girls in sub-Saharan Africa.

Edge of Ember have 500 products for sale within this collection and this had the potential to offer 62 girls to attend secondary school for a year. Something I didn't realise was how much this costs; there are exam fees, school fees and then the things that we all take for granted - uniform, shoes, stationary and even sanitary products. On top of all this, the girls will get a mentor who will look after her psycho-social health and wellbeing, which is pretty amazing.

Camfed is a non-profit organisation aiming to tackle poverty, inequality and giving these girls the support they need to go out and get their education the way that we all can.

Please read more about it here, and of course….check out the collection because it's a goody and it's going to do great things.